A Nation in Making: Being the Reminiscences of Fifty Years of Public Life. Front Cover. Sir Surendranath Banerjea. Oxford University Press, – India – Sir Surendranath Banerjee (Bengali: সুরেন্দ্রনাথ বন্দ্যোপাধ্যায়) (10 November – 6 Banerjee was soon dismissed for making a minor judicial error. and he went on to write the widely acclaimed A Nation in Making, published in In the end, Banerjea lost his job by committing a serious judicial mistake. Sir Surendranath Banerjea (), a foremost political leader of Bengal, dedicated his life to opposing colonialism through moderate but.

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My grandfather was a Brahmin of the old school, rigid in his orthodoxy. It was mail day. We decided to hold the meeting and face the consequences, what- banerrjea they might be. But in the meantime a silent and stupendous change has taken place.

Surendranath Banerjee

We had an akra Indian gymnasium in our own house with a palwan trained Indian gymnast to teach us the various forms of Indian athletic exercises. From the Bar I was shut out. But there is a common platform where we may all meet, the platform of our country’s welfare”. Banerjee was suremdranath the earliest Indian converts to Christianity. An illustration of this was found in the Ilbert Bill surendarnath, of which Behari Lai Gupta, in his capacity of Presidency Magistrate of Calcutta, might be said to have been the originator.

There are those who are never tired of telling us that East is East, that it surebdranath unchanged and unchanging, and that Hindu society is immobile. To me it was a labour of love, a discipline and a training, and also an opportunity of showing my admiration and gratitude to one to whom 1 was bound by the ties of personal kindness and public duty.


I passed ; he failed. Show us that we have jurisdiction, and I think there is no doubt we shall exercise it. Under the Parliamentary Statute ofthe Government of India were empowered, subject to rules that natioon to be framed, to make direct appointments of natives of India of proved merit and ability to the Covenanted Civil Service.

Forbidden food and drink he used to take with an ostentation that shocked my grandfather. It would be lamentable that it should go forth to India that he had been, after all, defeated upon such a point as this, and without makinb least foundation for it.

From those early days the levelling influence of knowledge was presented to me in a concrete form, which in itself was a part of banerjex education ; and when, after having taken my B. For, I fear, ignorance is too often the mother of prejudice, and closer knowledge hardly ever fails to dissipate misunderstanding and establish good relations. I had more ij than he, but we were in frequent consultation.

Not one regretful glance did she ever cast upon the past, but bravely looked upon the future, and her courage and confidence were justified. He sold his kidney for an iPhone 4, now is bed-ridden for life. The Indian Association supplied a real need.

Book review ‘A Nation in Making’: Banerjea’s nation-A man and his history

Thank you for your feedback. The movements were simultaneous ; the preliminary arrangements were made independently, neither party knowing what the other was doing until on the eve of the sittings of the Conference and of the Congress. My attention was not drawn to it ; nor did I know it or understand the significance of the order.


I said to my friend, 4 Why do you stop? From sjrendranath man so well equipped, great things were expected by his countrymen, and Mr. He set to work with resolute energy, and he received valuable help bajerjea Mr.

Full text of “A Nation In Making”

It led to the establishment of the Sadharan Brahmo- Samaj, the City College, and other kindred institutions. Lalmohan Ghose, and Mr. The City College was founded in In the life history of my family I found the strongest argument against child- marriage, and I was never tired of repeating it when I had an opportunity in my public and private utterances.

There are few to wipe her tears and to remove the enforced widowhood that is her lot. On the day fixed for the public meeting, information was received in Calcutta that, in view of the possibility of the out- break of War with Russia, Disraeli, who was then Prime Minister, had directed the despatch of six thousand Indian troops to Malta. Lalmohan Ghose was placed in charge of the Civil Service Memorial to Parliament, and was deputed to England as the representative of the Indian Association.

Both the prayers were rejected. Without sleep I appeared at the examination and felt none the worse for it.