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Revision of Army Technical Manual /NAVFAC P/AFR , Force Manual (AFM) (TM ) (Department of the Air Force, ). manual TM , NAVFAC P, and AFM 88 This document generally has the most conservative criteria. It has been updated recently with some. Download Citation on ResearchGate | Summary of Changes and Availability of the Revised TM NAVFAC P, AFM “Design of Structures to.

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Additional information available from manufacturers of specialized shore protection products, e. Although ring beams are required only for tank foundations in seismic zones 3 or 4, this type of construction or comparable provisions necessary to prevent frost heave will be made in all areas.

In regions of potential seismic activity, particular attention will be given to assure that affm lateral support is provided. Bridge decks subject to repeated applications of deicing salt will require more than additional concrete cover for reinforcing.

Pipeline support structures, sluice gates, equipment foundations, and other miscellaneous structures will be designed in accordance with criteria given elsewhere in this manual and current standard practices. Flexible connectors include items such as bolts, stirrups, dowel bars, and ties.

As a minimum, all pipe supports will be designed to carry the weight of the piping system plus water to account for hydrostatic testing. Design of structures to resist the effects of conventional weapons will be in accordance with TMand design of facilities to resist the effects of nuclear weapons will be in accordance with TMTMTMTMTM and TM Other acceptable standard design methods or concepts may also be used.

Effects of Accidental Explosions, Army TM 5 – conservatively predicted the blast pressure loadings obtained from the pressure transducers mounted on the If constructed of aluminum, design of stacks will follow similar design guidance and general references given for design of steel stacks.

Structures to resist the effects of accidental explosions in SearchWorks catalog

General This chapter deals primarily with those types of specialty structures which have potential application in military construction. Design of supports and enclosures for static equipment will consider the maximum weight and eccentricity of the equipment as well as the required clearance for access to and maintenance of the equipment.


Manholes and inlets will be designed to resist earth, water, temperature, and other loads to which they will be subjected. Required three edge bearing strength will be determined in consideration of class of bedding and applicable load factor as set forth in Foundation Engineering by Leonards.

This approach can be applicable to certain composite type structures or components such as those involving adhesive bonded elements, cellular foam, and newly developed materials.

Center for Chemical Process Safety. Designers will consider the possible hydrostatic uplift at various stages of construction. Additional considerations apply to tank design depending on the type of tank and other factors as discussed in the following. Bridges for other specialized applications, such as pipeline supports, transit systems, etc. Equipment supports and enclosures a. Additional thickness will be provided in locations subject to abrasive wear, and use of replaceable wear plates for severe conditions will be considered.

Docks and harbors a. In addition, the design will consider the effects of elevated temperature which can reduce the yield point and other mechanical properties of steel. Glasstone and Dolan, ; TM 5 – Particular attention will be 88-222 to wind, seismic, dynamic, and fatigue loads on cablesupported structures and other similar force-oscillating structures. Other structures Other types of specialty structures include plate and shell structures, major arenas and stadiums, orbital space structures, test stands, launch structures, carbon fiber composite structures, etc.

New materials, units, and systems of a progressive nature or creative design concepts that are fam and structurally sound may be considered. Usually, the best way to drain masonry is to put weep holes where they will not adversely affect member strength.

Design of other types of manhole construction will be in accordance with applicable codes covering that type of construction. Design of light poles, flag poles, and sign supports will be in accordance with the special provisions for such structures set forth in ANSI A The safety factor will be at least 1. To be distributed in accordance with DA Form E, requirements for nonequipment technical manuals.

Af type of steel will not be used in buried structures unless coated nor will it be used in locations where rust staining of the supporting elements is objectionable. Environmental Engineering Concrete Structures. Guide for Steel Stack Design and Construction.


Composites and structural plastics will be used only when approved by the appropriate headquarters.

The design of blast-resistant structures must consider the transient loadings and dynamic response of the structure that results from the specified design event. Except for foundation elements, a structure or any of its elements will be designed to provide a minimum safety factor of 2.

Material anisotropy revealed by phase contrast in intermittent contact atomic force microscopy.

Loading for military vehicles will be in accordance with TM and FM avm Care will be taken to assure that the natural frequency of supports is sufficiently offset from the operating frequency 8-822 the equipment so that there is no danger of objectionable or damaging resonant vibration. The combined action of flexible and rigid shear connectors will not be considered as providing simultaneous shear transfer.

The structural design will be coordinated qfm the selection of pipeline materials and layout to assure that proper allowance has been made for these forces as well as expansion movements, etc. A minimum temperature differential of 40 degrees F will be assumed to exist between inside and outside faces of tank walls.

General Criteria for Waterfront Construction. Use of corrosion-resistant steel will be in accordance with the following. Retaining structures can be classified with respect to the manner in which forces are transmitted to the surrounding soil as either gravity, cantilever, or anchored types.


Much of the blast and fragment technology developed for. Dockside Utilities for Ship Service. If constructed of concrete, design of these types of structures will be in accordance with ACIHandbook of Concrete Engineering by Fintel, and Silos: Reinforced Concrete in Blast-Hardened Structures. Gas and air conveyances Gas and air conveyances, particularly for hot gases, will be designed to meet fire protection requirements including National Fire Protection Association NFPA Electric Power Supply and Distribution.

Though numerous variations exist within each general type, only a few are identified in the following discussions.