The Immortals Series 6 Books Collection Set Alyson Noel Everlasting, Night Star [ Alyson Noel] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Titles in. Everlasting. 10/18/ 0 Comments · Picture. Everlasting Alyson Noel . Jude and Ava start reading Roman’s journals to find the other immortals. Romy and. Everlasting. The Immortals (Volume 6) Alyson Noël St. Martin’s Press. The sixth and final book in Alyson Noel’s #1 New York Times bestselling Immortals series.

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Later, near the end of the book, after finding and completing the antidote he drops it and smashes it on purpose. Isn’t my mind amazing?

I found Ever to be a character I could really respect Oh I’m mad at you so I’m Gonna ignore you for a few weeks or months. Lotus appears again and explains that Ever now needs to complete her journey by finding the Tree of Life. Some of them eat them, some don’t. Goodreads is the world’s largest site for readers with over 50 million reviews. Damen doesn’t want this because he is afraid of losing his youthful beauty and everlasting life.

Adelina is expecting a maid, but Esme shows up instead. She leads Ever to where the immortals are waiting. It makes me very happy to see her turn into a stronger and smarter young women. Well that was a long journey just so they could have sex Feb 02, Sarah rated it liked it Shelves: May 24, Julie Shennan marked it as to-read.


I’m slowly trying to add to the long list of books I have read, books I am reading, books I want to read, and books I loved reading. She starts thinking about the swampy Summerland and wonders what the numbers in the riddle might mean.

Everlasting Book Summary and Study Guide

Damen takes them from Summerland to a plane to Europe. The twins give her an obouros amulet and Ava give her a stone with psychic healing powers and links to past lives.

Reading the series once through is bad enough, don’t make yourself read it again. The fact imnortals Ever had psychic powers was truly interesting.

She goes home and the surprises continue as the decorations for the party are very intricate. The key to not being immortal all along was fruit, now they are both human and skip off into the sunset? This qlyson basically pages and pages of nothing. I think this was everlasfing boring than Night Star!

Ever gets frustrated with the past and goes out of character. I think the story lines that I’ve heard so many pathetic pe I hate it when people say horrible things about author’s work. View all 12 comments. Adelina was the secret past of Ever. This helps him regain his strength but mean’s that if they ever touched, Ever’s DNA would kill Damen.


I can’t believe it took Ever this long to come to a conclusion, but I guess that’s the point in reincarnation. She tells Ever that she has to make the journey alone to fulfill her destiny.


But incredible as it is, it was possible. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Lotus explains that she was not allowed to see that life in the Great Halls because she was not ready for the information it holds.

He has plans for them to backpack across Europe.

Everlasting – Paranormal Book Summaries

It seems Noel wrote him to give the series a ‘love triangle’ of sort’s. I can’t stand this series anymore. I did like how they end up together though, I had hoped they would stay together after everything they have been through.

The protagonist, Ever, wasn’t overpowering or whiny and didn’t take long to explain why she fhe so strangely. Damen isn’t pleased and returns to Earth where he gathers the ingredients for the antidote that will give him everlasting life. Fast-forward even a few months, and I realized that it really had absolutely no substnace to it whatsoever.