All characters from the Gaia setting of Anima: Beyond Fantasy go here. Empress Elisabetta Barbados The current sovereign of the Empire, Elisabetta is both . Anima: Beyond Fantasy (ABF) has an interesting setting. It doesn’t match your typical Tolkien fantasy setting. One of the big key points to bring. Anima Gate of Memories is an action RPG set in the Anima Beyond Fantasy world featuring a deep compelling story and exciting game play.

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Is the only member of the Knights of the Seventh Heaven that utilizes magic. The publisher’s website told of a September release. Plus, when aima game is released, you will receive one legendary collector box, 3 free downloads of the game, each with their own unleashed book code, 2 t-shirts, the art poster, the game soundtrack, your name will appear in the credits and you will get the HD computer wallpapers!

She is a twenty-year-old girl who works in secret for a holy society called Nathaniel as a hunter of nightmares. Despite animz this, she remains a genuinely good person who upholds very high ideals and a positive outlook on life.

Anima (role-playing game) – Wikipedia

Even when defeated, she devastated the area for miles around while escaping from her opponent. Design Your Own Character – You will get to collaborate on the design of a character that will be used in a prominent way in Anima Gate of Memories.

Her ascension to the throne fractured the Empire for various reasons, not least of which was her father’s actions before his death.

As a result of the fight with his namesake, he has burn scars all over his body. He is an egocentric foulmouthed character who craves attention. Her Weapon of Choice. The idea is to give players freedom to explore a rich world and tackle obstacles in the order they want. Also, you will be able to design with us one quest in the game, adjusting your ideas to the setting. Gate of Memories for Xbox One Reviews”.


I think it performs the classic RPG flaw of trying to tell a novel-style story. The planned release date is June Digital Art Book – Prior to the games release you will receive an exclusive digital art book of Anima Gate of Memories.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. And that basic info is about all you get.

Anima: Beyond Fantasy

Ignacio Orueta rated it really liked it Jul 22, Tactics is a 32mm miniature game set in the Anima universe, produced and distributed by the U. Art Poster – When the game is released you will receive a poster featuring the main characters of Anima Gate of Memories.

This character may be used in other Anima products, or future games. There’s ancient technology from a lost empire. Preview — Anima by Carlos B. Names to Run Away from Really Fast: Arcane is an extremely unusual place. At the beginning of the game her background is not known, but as the story goes on and the characters travel deeper into Arcane, various fragments of her past, as well as the moment when she signed her pact with Ergo, are displayed through enigmatic dreams and visions.

Oddly she has no name, since as part of her pact with Ergo, the demon “ate it”. Prior to the game release you will receive a package of 3 HD computer wallpapers of Anima Gate of Memories art. The old leader of the Church had caused a near-schism with her policies, and now the Sacred Holy Empire stands on the brink of war. Beyond Fantasy has a lot of attention put into it and good production values, but the emphasis is put on the wrong place. Anna Never being her favorite one.


Until he realized that he had become so attached to Elisabetta that he couldn’t let her be killed.

It’s a way to bring creative projects to life. Every member of the Knights of the Seventh Heaven are capable of defeating entire armies alone, without so much as a scratch. The High Queen Iron Woobie: Sunyi Dean rated it it was amazing Apr 03, This article needs additional citations for verification.

The Heaven Order

Game and Soundtrack – When the game is released you will receive a free download of it and a digital copy of the game’s soundtrack. You are number XII: He certainly has elements of this, being the smartest man on Gaia and being skilled in every subject he has pursued.

Lucanor’s father, Lascar Giovanni, forced Lucanor to commit patricide in order to prevent him from becoming the next Emperor. There are secret conspiracies, ancient organizations, powerful wizards, betrayals, family history coming back to haunt the descendants, mysterious double-agents, hidden supernatural creatures, and aniam love.

Anima – Gate of Memories by Kai Nesbit — Kickstarter

Plus you will receive the HD computer wallpapers, your name will appear in the credits, and you will receive the digital art book and the game soundtrack. Funding period Nov 30, – Jan 14, 45 days.

Share this project Done. After his death, his other disciples were able to conquer the ancient empire and divide it into sub-kingdoms, using the Church to provide a unifying factor for humanity.