Anna Godbersen is the bestselling author of The Luxe novels. She was born in California, the daughter of a cab driver and a painter. She writes for various New . I’m a sucker for great relationships between female characters. beautiful days anna godberson Beautiful Days picks up where its predecessor. I read Bright Young Things, the first in the series with the same name, early last year and pretty much loved it. Anna Godbersen has been a.

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Her debut is to great accolades, with a heartthrob actor deciding to take her under his wing in mentoring her, along with his wife.

I liked that Charlie had a bigger role in the story as now he has to take over his Fathers Empire. Wouldn’t she want that back? Not nicely, as I know the author is not in the habit of doing dying to use that phrase but I want the details. Oct 27, Tina rated it liked it Shelves: Beautiful Days was a good read, nothing over baeutiful but a solid story.

I hardly want to spoil anything for you because so many intriguing things happen that will send you into a tailspin. And then, the kidnapping. It continues to follow the lives of Cordelia, Letty, and Astrid. I was hoping for more.

The plot continues to be more intriguing than the Luxe books more happensand I find the characters immensely more likeable. Beautiful Days picks up where Bright Young Things left off. It’s hardly historical fiction, despite the fact that it’s set in the 20s. In all, Beautiful Days spends too much time on trivial or useless situations – and makes the last half of the book too crammed with action in an attempt to neatly tie everything up.

There are plenty of books out there that always manage to have all of the situations resolved quite pleasantly—even if the circumstances and emotions involved make this unrealistic. Or that fact that there is a new love interest. Astrid is finally engaged to Cordelia’s half-brother, Charlie – but caught in a shimmering world of speakeasies, jewels and endless parties. Want to Read saving…. View all 8 comments. A part of me cringes when she apologizes for leaving Charlie and not doing EXACTLY what he says – but then I realize that this is set in the ‘s and just because the character acts in a certain way, it doesn’t mean it’s right.


She has an interest in Max Derby, the pilot, but he despises drinking and dancing and most of what the popular set gets up to for fun, his father having come back from the Great War a violent drunk.

I felt that the way the author mixed in the gang scene with godbefsen girly lifestyle of those times was done very well. He breaks the “type” you’d come to expect in this book, especially from something daring and exotic like a flyboy, and since the book caters to cliche and expectation most of the time, I like him for it. Now, I am usually a pretty fast reader, but I really enjoyed taking my time with this book.

Beautiful Days (Bright Young Things, #2) by Anna Godbersen

I love how she can weave so many different storylines into one incredible plot that will have godberse heart racing at the end of each chapter. I really love some of the issues that Godbersen is exploring with Cordelia’s love interest, Max, though I do wish that Cordelia would go back with Thom.

Having befriended young girls from the New York elite, the two girls now find myself spending godbefsen days lounging next to exotic pools and their nights in the New York clubs. It’s interesting, after what seemed to be a never ending set of trials and tribulations, these girls managed ann grow up right before my eyes, which I loved.

Feb 27, Amy Bradley rated it it was ok. Lists with This Book. But mostly, the coincidental happenings occurred too often, I lied. View all 27 comments. Don’t get me wrong.

Beautiful Days

This is a book I had no problems with. Charlie Grey is a gangster playing a dangerous game; and for Astrid, Cordelia, and Letty, the stakes could be deadly.

Basing this series on my previous experience with this author, I’m guessing maybe 1 or 2 of the girls will godbresen a happy ending. Now only did I understand and enjoy reading of the time period I know about, but I got to experience with the characters – therefore, I know why everyone goes to Gatsby’s parties in a sense!


Gracy had any girl but Peachy at his side. Cordelia revels in her luxury, and although she does have a few hiccups here and there, she’s self-assured and confident and a glittering picture of the Jazz Era. For the sight of her long legs had always made Letty seem short, as her rich dress made Letty eays poor, and the length of her neck and the way she carried her head perched on top of it could reduce Letty to nothing.

While the beautifuo book concentrated more on the friendships and growth of the girls, Beautiful Days is action-packed and much more exciting.

Jun 20, Emily Blake rated it really liked it Shelves: If you’ve read Bright Young Things, you know that the different relationships are plentiful. And even for the dozens of men featured, they never feel flat. In the last book, I didn’t like Letty at all, but fell in love with the characters of Cordelia and Godbersej. The girl has absolutely no baeutiful. And besides, what these books are really all about, surely, is clothes!

Their relationship has progressed a step further by the end of the book but I feel like there’s beautifup continual threat of something going terribly wrong between them. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

Gradually she begins to realise that she has begun to let her dreams slip away and that if she truly wants to become a star then dayw must create her own luck and work her way up to the top. I love how the book entertains the reader by following these girls and at the same time gives them a real insight and feel of the time it is set in complete with a Beautiful Days is the second in the Bright Young Things series.