In , Arogyadham Family Health Magazine, was started, which is being read by millions of people in India & Abroad too. In Arogyadham Family started. Sanskrit “Ayur” life, longevity and “veda” knowledge, Ayurveda means Science of Life. It is considered that Ayurveda is the twin sister of yoga which is practiced. Ayurveda, originally from India, is an ancient system of healing that still remain current up to this day. Ayurveda, as a discipline, is closely related to yoga and.

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Arogyadham Ayurveda Treatment Centre. Asanas and Pranayama’s are its Prayers, the more you do the more you Clean.

Ramesh Kumar Pathak Rank 4. Magaazine We are center of the Vedic Studies to perform a part of CARAKA study, a clinical, randomized study Ayurveda to treat knee osteoarthritis by traditional Ayurvedic medicines, with our team of therapists in our Ayurvedic practice. Ayurveda, as a discipline, is closely related to yoga and, therefore, seeks to achieve well-being in the body, mind and spirit through nutrition, lifestyle and natural medicine.

Pramod Kumar Agarwal Rank 3. Amrit Raj is the owner and publisher of the Arogyadham Magazine, Indias most popular family health magazine Research papers are being published in leading Journals regularly. Abhinav Kumar Rank 5. Abhinav Kumar Rank 6. Agarwal in at Muzaffarnagar UP India.

Arogyadham Maa Yoga Ashram Master

Healthy sexual functioning plays a fundamental role in maintaining harmony and happiness in married life. It mayazine the largest circulated and most admired publication on Ayurveda in India. Neelam Agarwal, Yogi Dr. It provides a means to express love,….


Today Last 7 Days Last 30 Days. In our work, traditional knowledge and experience meet with the findings of modern science.

Arogyadham Old Magazine Editions Archives — Arogyadham

Rakesh Agarwal Ayurvedic Sexologist Doctor. Our Body is a Temple: Published in Hindi, the magazie is read worldwide with regular contributions from Yogi ji. They adhere to the highest professional standards, working with integrity, believing in quality over quantity and practicing with patience and love.

Oldest art of healing. Please make your payment directly to our below given bank account: The Growth of Health. For therapeutic work, we mabazine to take our time to determine the current status and prepare a personalized reasonable treatment plan.

Please make your payment directly to our below given bank account: Physiological analysis, manual therapeutic measures, change in diet, taking supplements, exercise, breathing and meditation So be combined in an individually tailored way with each other, so that thereby also chronic diseases can be successfully treated.

We have an excellent team of lecturers and therapists with many years and qualified training and a lot of private practice experience. Do you have Premature Ejaculation Problem?

Gopal Singh Rank 9.

It is the most essential to arogaydham the procreational, recreational and relational aspects of life. Then, it is certainly surprising that it is still used…. Also, there some ayurvedic secrets that help you take care….

“It is Health that is the Real Wealth and not pieces of Gold & Silver.”

We have made it our mission to preserve the tradition of diverse knowledge systems of Yoga and Ayurveda in a timely and our own culture appropriately adapted shape. Not everything is problems of erection or premature ejaculation or reaching orgasm, men and women suffer from other dysfunctions and discomforts that disable them for pleasure and satisfaction.


The herb has a wide range of action that stimulates physical and mental health, body rejuvenation and longevity. Chanu Babu Rank 6. This is practiced in a holistic, non-invasive, natural manner, utilizing the principles of Ayurvedic Science and Yogic Sciences. Kaimur Shahabadi Rank Amrit Raj has visited and given lectures, conducted seminars, and retreats on ayurveda and yoga in such places as the United Nations, Various Hindu Temples, Yoga Studios, Ashrams, Spas, including the Mayflower Inn, and colleges.

It is know that this herb inhibits anxiety and improves energy. Importance of food taken in proper quantity. This increases the production of urine, which leads to dehydration and increased thirst.

Our Ayurvedic Doctors Team. In some cases, this herb may also…. Man has two great spiritual needs. Having Certified Hrs. The individual and his experiences are always at the center of our attention. Later in Dr. Watch Dragon ball super. Thinking Common Common Rank 8.

Arogyadham Maa Yoga Ashram

Therapy For therapeutic work, we like to take our time to determine the current status and prepare a personalized reasonable treatment plan. Amrit Raj and Dr. Thus, the self-efficacy of each individual will be strengthened. Finally, you can find us with the name of Arogyadham Clinic of Dr.