ART Multiverb II, Music Technology, Nov reverb algorithms the higher the number the more complex the effect although the manual is honest enough to . multiverb iii – read user manual online or download in PDF format. Pages in total: ART – MultiVerb Alpha 20 – Manual – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. ART – MultiVerb Alpha 20 – Manual.

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What’s more – I’m beginning to love the colour. With line level devices mixers center the slider and control the input level from the effects send. Srt is a little less delay than the Smooth setting and qualitive processing is achieved. So what can the boys at ART do with these algorithms?

ART multiverb iii User Manual – Page 1 of 31 |

Packed in a single high rack unit are numerous digital algorithms providing a full range of natural and simulated stereo reverberation ef- fects. We’ll look at these in just a moment as well as making a title for this preset. Once overwritten, however, the factory presets can still be recalled.

Your output level most probably will be bumped a little up or down to compensate for small increases or decreases in the processed signal level. You can add a hard edge to a reverb effect by using a long delay and a smattering of regeneration. As the choice of multi-effects processors grows, the older units face the choice of becoming outdated or undergoing a facelift. You have just purchased what many industry professionals consider the most technically advanced signal processor ever built!

The top line of the LCD shows the preset name and the lower line shows the effects it contains. Each scale is compromised of a specific sequence of whole and half steps from the tonic or key note. The basic interval is the octave.


May be assigned to any Multierb. The se- quence must start at program location 0. A full description of these ef- fects is found later in this manual.

You can only increment up through the programs. Relative minor scale sequences are shown in a separate table in the same appendix.

Remember, if the MIX control is set to all wet, no signal will be present at the output s.

Harmonising functions make great demands on the processor and the only effects you can have with this are EQ and mono delay. To test the reassigned numbers, use a MIDI device to recall the presets. Other articles featuring gear in this article: There’s a diagram in the manual to explain this. Always remember to check the Mode Status Indicator to assure yourself which mode you are in.

Chorusing and Flanging have always been susceptible to clipping mkltiverb to their own characteristics.

Full text of “Art Multiverb Owner’s Manual”

There are many sub variables of each effect to be ex- plored. Don’t worry we have preselected a nominal value for each of the parameters associated with an effect as a starting point. Scale values can be negative, too, which lets you invert a controller’s effect on effects.

Another interesting feature is the Base Mjltiverb parameter.

A useful diagram illustrates the difference between normal and gated reverb. You can find a complete Distributor listing by clicking here. Here there is no decay but the equivalent of a short burst of sound.

Finally the output sections remove unwanted high frequency noise which may have been produced during processing and then is available at the outputs. And here’s something else. Each category may have from one to several characteristic algorithms to choose from in the actual sound shaping process.


The higher pitch is exactly twice the fre- quency of the lower pitch. It multivfrb read [ADD: Seriously, different tubes may sound better, but they may also sound worse, and usually the results are rather subjective.

The reset will erase any changes made to the factory presets and also erase any presets you may have created.

Technical FAQs

Do you want to delete the equalizer? I won’t be rash enough to suggest that there’s one to suit your every need, but you can probably find one which is close and edit it.

ART is a strong proponent of user friendliness, this manual is written to sup- port the concept of a user-friendly product along with a dedicated USERS manual. The signal is then sampled at discrete instants of time and converted into a continuous stream of digi- tal numbers by the analog to digital A to D converter.

As new presets are selected they immediately effect the signal, but by using the Recall facility you can call up a preset “ready for action” and switch it in at exactly the required moment. It doesn’t stop there!


This is a common question regarding any of our products that have output level meters. We have just copied preset into preset so as not to lose preset which we will use periodically through this manual. This is in fact incorrect and could be the problem. Bvpassing the unit via MIDI may be done by recalling a multivefb blank preset.