Just started Athleanx1, I am in week 1 and saw an add pop up for tnt (pick extra body parts for extra $$$) Are they worth doing? Haven’t seen. However, Athlean-X decided to do the opposite by promoting their “direct response .. Athlean TNT = BodyPart Add-On’s To Existing Workouts. Scott Caradice to ATHLEAN-X · November 14, ·. Loving the T.N.T workouts. So far i’ve done the Chest De-containment (Monday) and the Deltoid.

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Tuesday, July 19, My horrendous experience with Athlean X. So I start doing some research, and guess what? They abandon you before you atlean that next level definition or ever put that elusive peak on top!

It ttnt also my opinion that athlfan idea of “no need to count calories” that’s offered in his diet plan is not only stupid but a gimmick. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. In saying that I have chosen exercises for my pseudo TNT workouts that incorporate different muscle groups as well as the ones I am focussing on. Originally Posted by ironwill Ab workout blitz week 1: Personally and i don’t wanna judge anyone i would choose the routine from a guy who have squated lbs!


Originally Posted by Mak1n. Still Jeff’s philosophy on stuff is pretty over the top. Started with Pull ups — 4 sets to failure with negative hangs in sthlean — I noticed an improvement in my form and reps — things are progressing nicely. I went to their site and saw that they were comparing their protein powder all of their supps are overpriced garbage, btw to frigging MT athkean creatine. As far as marketing and supplements go, I understand their need to stay afloat and make a decent living out of their business.


Originally Posted by crow2. Standing Military Bar Presses, 2. There are no magic programs. Sprinters Calf raise into Leaps of Faith. I agree with you that its really not important to most people. How one exercise you use for an entirely different muscle group could give you more biceps growth than ever before when used in a specific way!

We’re still atjlean new subreddit but we are growing everyday! It is my opinion that you will be wasting your money by buying the Athlean X system or their TNT videos ttn compared to the X-rep books and the Burn the fat, feed the muscle diet book. Thanks for reading, if you have any questions please ask or if you want to leave a comment or suggestion please do so also.


They’ve even started deceptively advertising like old Mike Chinky Chang. Sorry to chirp in two years late but just so you know Athlean-X is the real deal. You can still use TNT to put your non responding muscle group square in the crosshairs and blast it into submission.

Originally Posted by gio These guys often have been training for many years using many different routines and probably illegal athkean too. If you have to pay for this, it isn’t worth it because there are programs which are probably better on this very forum which are totally free. Barbell Rows — 5 sets — pyramid style — increasing weight each set and going light on the last set with drop sets in between.

Problem is…even those guys that take back training seriously often make more training mistakes here than on all the other muscle groups combined…and it kills their size potential! Or better stay away from Athlene-X dude? My Biceps routine today was tough — very very tough — by the aghlean of it I could barely do any of my finisher exercise Hanging bent knee raises athlran my arms were completely fatigued so job well done!!


So my new athlaen program officially kicks off tomorrow and I cannot wait to get started!! Come join us, ask any questions and everyone here will do their best to help! One simple switch you can make in your next back workout that can ignite your abs as well!

Drop sets in between. I got back and shoulders TNT’s and they helped a lot.


Head over to Burn the fat, feed the muscle by Tom Venuto. Originally Posted by Toney Losing weight and losing body fat are two totally different things. Split Squat Jumps, 4.

Still need to improve on these. As I kept researching, I saw more and more similarities between athlean-x and sixpackshortcuts, from the click bait titles to their claims that they have the only safe supplement out there.

DB Side Lunge row. You can get a cheaper option for less money with probably much, much better results. The only good part to my experience was I was issued a refund after the initial refund window was closed because Athlean X did not want to fulfill their obligation to be by providing me updates for life.

I will be using Jeff cavalieres Home Ab workout bllitz weekly exercises as part of ath,ean ab training. If you are interested in seeing what AthleanX is about wthlean it out! I highly encourage every reader and even Jeff because I doubt that Jake had informed him of everything going on between me and his company to read all 4 parts. Lastly I did athleaan one arm row with leg raises — 3 sets 12 reps each set.

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