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After reading the text the students answered questions that aimed to verify some reading skills: The students were asked to read the text on the computer in order to answer some questions about it afterwards.

The reader will also be the writer, since he can add information to the text 1. We do not deny, however, that it is a plausible and creative answer that shows us the plurality of meanings our mental mechanisms allow us to build. In this blend, many inferences can be produced.

Carla Viana Coscarelli

We can also ask if we would have the same results when testing students whose level of reading proficiency is lower. In this case, the reader presents the relation of identity between the apple and Campari. In the advertisement, one of the mental spaces Figure 2 brings elements of the Bible – the apple, Adam and Eve and the serpent – which evoke the idea of temptation and sin.

In these expressions, the anaphoric pronoun “he”, besides referring to Campari in the drinking frame, also has correspondences in the biblical space, and is projected in the blended space. The apple shows us that the decision of whether we want to be protected and guided by God or not depends on our wish in the case of obeying the rules or if we want to make our own decisions in relation to our lives and want to try the mundane pleasures.


It reveals that they were able to notice the connections between the elements and elaborate different interpretations for the advertisement. Students who read the text in the hypertext format performed well, showing us that they had noticed the connection among mental spaces that this text leads us to build. In both formats, however, it is possible to say that the performance of the students can be considered very good.

Abstract Reading is usually seen as an activity without subdivisions. It is very attractive.

Examining Reading Comprehension through the use of Continuous Texts and Hypertexts

What called our attention to this advertisement was how it deals with information from different domains that together compose another new domain. Global comprehension was also verifed by the second question – What is the theme of the ad? The students’ global comprehension was verifed in two different questions in this text: He makes an inversion of the expected roles. How to cite this coscarelll.

It is worth noticing that there is always another projection coxcarelli is metaphoric, and that at least duplicates the possible relations among these spaces, and the interpretations that they can yield. We can find analogies and dissimilarities among the elements that compose the mental spaces activated by this advertisement There is analogy and identity between the apple and Campari, as well as between the serpent and Campari, and there is a correlation between Adam and Eve and the consumer, i.

Were considered adequate the answers in which the students accomplished the ability tested by the question global comprehension of the text, information retrieving, inference production, and giving opinion. Besides, there is an attempt to make reference to sensuality and provocation using that font.


Journal of Experimental Psychology, v. How to cite item. Different paths were used by other students, as the following: They also point to these characteristics as the main reason for the efficiency of this text. Access to word meaning clscarelli spoken language comprehension: East Dane Designer Men’s Fashion.

Handbook of Psycholinguistics, Academic Press, The last inferential question is also relational. Os dons do hipertexto.


Global Comprehension The students’ global comprehension was verifed in two different questions in this text: Suj 44C Question 2: Some answers demonstrate how the readers recover different contexts and their frames evoked by Campari and the apple, and how they establish the relationship among them.

This pronoun reinforces the creation and integration of the spaces we have mentioned, being part of them. Other answers given to other questions show us that the readers were able to activate and integrate different mental spaces and, as a consequence, build adequate representations for the text. Two kinds of inferences were verifed in this experiment: Students that read the text in the hypertext format got better results in three of the four cases of inferential questions Graphic 2.

What we call continuous is known as linear or printed texts, in which the information is presented in a sequence, as it is usually done in books and other printed texts.

This answer presents more details about the rational that justifies the answer given by Suj21H, explaining that Campari does not need to be offered because it is itself provocative.