Cavalerii danubieni by Ioan Roman, , Scrisul Românesc edition, in Romanian. Cavalerii danubieni by Ioan Roman; 1 edition; Subjects: Fiction, History; Places: Dacia, Rome; Times: Empire, 30 B.C A.D. Get this from a library! Cavalerii danubieni: roman. [Ioan Roman].

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Drobeta 10,65— SCIV A 28, 1,— Thraco-Dacica 10, 1—2,— He is the symbol of sun and renewal. She was depicted as a woman koan riding side saddle on a horse or in a chariot drawn by a pair of winged steeds.

Eugen Iaroslavschi, Cluj-Napoca,— SeptemberKiel, He is repre- sented as a young, nude boy with a sword, oftenly associated with Eros or Hypnos. RRH 20, 4,— She appears on epigraphic monuments in Dacia.

EPRO 13, 2, Leiden, DA 5, 1,87— ActaMN 17,— In Dacia he was attested only on epigraphic monuments. Represented as a young, nude male in act romsn a libatio, he became a symbol of the imperial propaganda and security. Actas y colaboraciones del coloquio international Roma entre la litera- tura y la historia.

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Cavalerii danubieni : roman

ranubieni It is possible that Iuppiter Depulsor is a Roman interpretion of iown local Norican Celtic deity, which became later a general averter of evil. Globalisierungs-und Regionalisierungsprozesse in der antiken Religionsgeschichte, Bonn,— ActaMN 45—46, 1, —— Apulum 21,— MCA 1,— Provinciae Imperii Romani Inscriptionibus Descriptae.

Sargetia 7,87— Represented as a lion-headed woman, she was very popular in the military context also in Roman times.

He frequently appears besides his consort, Proserpina. Sargetia 25, iooan— ActaMP 12,— Gudea in 6 distinct periods: It was attested only epigraphically in Dacia.

Cavalerii danubieni | Open Library

GA 4, 35—37,35— AB 15,— Historia Antiqua 21,— Thus, the four chapters can be used both jointly and separately, the volume being not a dull list of titles, but a dynamic kaleidoscope of Roman religion in Dacia. The main problem remains the dating of true Christian pieces. The Bibliography of Roman Religion in Dacia.

In Dacia they are attested only on epigraphic monuments. SCIV A 29,— The major and recently appeared syntheses represent as well a kaleidoscope of the current state of research. Known as the flag-bearer of the May Blaj Assembly[5] he was elected to a member permanent committee of Romanians.


In Dacia he appears on epigraphic and igurative monuments. The Bibliography of Roman Religion in Dacia 45 Gudea especially, but also Al.

The irst monography dedicated entirely to a cult in Dacia is the one of Jakab Ferdinand Miller Byzantika 10,69— Epigraphica ion,— PetculeScu, liViu, Antique bronzes in Romania: He took part in the war between the Titans and the Olympians the Titanomachy.

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