ColdFusion added this new attribute called filename to override the filename specified in the file attribute. A sample example is below cfmail. Does any one know how I can code so that a users local computer files are attached to a cfmail tag> instead of this tag looking for the file in the server? Thanks. The live Url link did not work in Hotmail, but was available as a downloadable attachment. While I could not test it, I was told that the test for live.

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The Identifier for the attached file.

I should note, I was really looking for a solution that didn’t involve reading the file in and possibly writing it outas I expect this can be quite a drain on coldfusion for large files, so some way of aattach the attachment would still be preferred.

If you are running 8. I need to send out information to our list. If you specify the filename attribute with the name of the attachment, the new name is set as the attachment replacing the name of the attachment in the file location.

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The cfmailparam tag now has cfmaol content attribute that lets you send the contents of a ColdFusion variable as an attachment. I think your reply was close to what I need, but I’m a bit confused – sorry!


The requested template has been denied access to filename. The email then looks blank with 2 attachments 1 being the email text, the ohter the actually attachment.


Home Services Forums Advertise Contact. So, I have an unlimited number of attachments they can attach. Can be one of the following: This example also shows adding a couple of headers to the mail message. Thanks Here is the form: After a while, however, that cfmali can start to take up a lot of space on your server unless you manually go into it once a week and delete everything.

email – Changing filename of attachment in CFMail – Stack Overflow

I searched for something similar to the original question and this is what Xttach was looking for. How do I get the email text to be in the email and not as an attachment. I can use the code: But if any of the assumptions are incorrect it could cause a problem. Tom Chiverton 5 Attaching a file to an email, using cfmailparam.

Using the cfmailparam tag

Thank you also for your patience with me and assisting me in working this attafh. I they allow spaces in the file name. Last edited by epaisley; Apr 8, at Alternatively you could call Coldfusion’s underlying Java and construct your email message with attachments from memory only, with whatever names you fancy.


How the attached file is to be handled. This is pretty much what I ended up doing but rather than writing the file to disk and deleting it I used the content attribute cgmail CF8 to deal with most of this by just reading in the file to a binary variable and then letter cfmailparam write it out.

To manage these attachments we call them 1. The ColdFusion service user default attachh must have permission to do anything with the file system or other resource. If the server spools mail and does not deliver it right away, how would this be possible?

I’m trying to use ColdFusion to send out emails containing attachments stored on our server.

Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled. Email Required, but never shown. The requirement if for this attachments not to be stored in the webpage. Check out Dan Switzer’s blog for an example on CF 7. To do so, specify the variable in signs as the content attribute value, as in the following example: Sign up or log in Sign up using Google.