ACCORDING TO CLARICE LISPECTOR. Paul B. Dixon. Clarice Inspector’s A paixão segundo G. H. is a passion in more than one sense. It is an account of a. Availing herself of a single character, Lispector transforms a banal situation—a O livro “A Paixão Segundo G. H.” é a minha estreia literária com Clarice.

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The unsayable can be given me only through the failure of my language. I wrote the above halfway through G.

But when I say it was the first crisis you should understand that it’s the first crisis I remember. The air is fertilised and wheez The Passion According to G.

The Passion According to G.H. by Clarice Lispector

All I want out of life is the chance to claride deploy that in rl conversation! Rather than seeing the dynamics in a Romantic or avant-garde position, Sousa poses that Lispector does not seek to remake language but rather seeks to work within it. I must admit that I was perplexed for the first few chapters. It happened to her, and now she doesn’t know what to do with it. And what could be more of a Passion than encountering undefined reality and the very Thing of life?

The first-person narration jousts with language, lispectog but forcefully examining the ambiguous nature of words, with results ranging from the profound to the pretentious: I was pretty proud of that one.

Clarice makes me want to learn Portuguese just to hear the sound of her voice unfiltered through clrice translation, though Ms.

The Passion According to G.H. – Wikipedia

I wasn’t experiencing it directly, just a dulled memory of it. Jun 23, K. I always liked to arrange things. In the maid’s room, G. She panics, not at the crushed insect but the dizzying array of thoughts and questions spun sudden through her mind. I’ll leave that question to the psychologists, the biochemists, the shamans And we soon become aware that she doesn’t understand it all either.


Pero hay que entrarle con todos los poros abiertos, con la cabeza despierta, y con ganas de vivirlo.

There were musings on love, lipector, religion, journeys, into her past, flashbacks…. Imagine that you’re driving down the highway at 85 mph because you’re a leadfoot and there’s traffic all around you—but then suddenly you forget how a car works. Lispector makes language the medium of both imprisonment and liberation, and the text is shaped in the form of a manual for meditation, a set of spiritual exercises leading at last to a more authentic relation with the world, the self and others.

Then one day I told my girlfriend S. There is a person, a place, an event that has occurred!

Poesia y Poetica

Then, the digging deeper. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. She managed to get in touch with the writer, who kindly agreed to meet her. She seeks not her thoughts lispectoor apprehensions in this violent poetic prose of things but the thing itself.

I was re-reading paragraphs over and over, grappling, trying desperately to hold on to something that made a lick of sense. Much more introspective than The Hour of the Star.

I still say, it was all worth it. She saw it and ppaixao smooshed it and later she’s going to eat it and that’s all that’s gonna happen here, and the worst part is that’s not the worst part!

I am still conflicted about it, which perhaps is why I find it interesting. It is as if the gospel was told from the perspective of an educated and open-minded Eve, writing her memoirs with the understanding that she had to break off relations with her dominant and simple-minded God father to have a life of her own.


There is also a wardr How to review this! For now, this will have to do. But also the religious imagery gives a Catholic backdrop as well. Being the pretentious kid I was, I dabbled in existentialism at the time, so I lispwctor the conceptual underpinning and came up with the phrase phenomenological disorientation. As it was, I read it in one day broken up into several sittings. How to pose, what others think, judge, piaxao, the insincerity wrapped segundk caravans of stylish cloth, does not exist.

Cockroaches have existed on this planet longer than any other creature and will continue to do so long after she will be gone. A woman goes into her former maid’s room, with the intention of doing some cleaning. And what ‘it’ was was this: Esta segyndo originalmente editada em suscitou e continua a suscitar uma gigantesca bibliografia, incluindo teses de licenciatura, mestrado ou doutoramento.

La segunda lectura de este libro fue lo mejor que me pudo haber pasado A friend in Brazil told me of a young woman in Rio who’d read Clarice Lispector obsessively and was convinced—as I and legions of other Clarice devotees have been—that she and Clarice Lispector would have a life-changing connection if they met in person.

This violent and sudden awareness is forcing G. Cladice can truly say this was one of the most difficult books I’ve ever read.