Plinth Area Rates of CPWD – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. RG Segaran. PWD (W.B.) SCHEDULE OF RATES, Uploaded by. Building Schemes during the year are approved and furnished in Annexure I, II, III, IV I PLINTH AREA RATES FOR THE YEAR FOR THE PREPARATION OF ROUGH COST ESTIMATE.j. .. Plinth Area Rates of CPWD. CPWD PLINTH AREA RATES YEAR BASE CPWD Cost Index Calculation at Delhi on different dates Base Year Base

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This ancient book contains details of layouts of villages, town ships Architectural bonds, cornice etc. In future, Preliminary Estimates may be prepared on the basis of these plinth area rates. Sum of all thirteen items Bricks to Labor is Water-proofing treatment 4 course treatment finished with brick tiles.

Sat Aug 31, 8: Foundation Bearing capacity 10 tonnes per sq. These rules are general in nature and should be taken as a guide. To change from Delhi base to future date in any place in India, the enclosed calculation sheet can be used to arrive at future cost index. The weightage is prefixed as well as the prices.


central pwd plinth area rates (1.10.2012) – CPWD

R-type-V, VI and above. Punjab PWD Code by occasional updating. Fri Mar 07, Accordingly, fresh plinth area rates with reference to base as on 1. Future date Steel rate is 4, that rate multiplied by weightage See illustrative sketch given below: Untitled – Kerala PWD guidelines for the various organisations in the building sector. PWD Schedule of Rates. Soap rack Nitch in W. We share information about your activities on the site with our partners and Google partners: GRC Glass reinforced concrete tiles in Ramp area.


PortBlair CI April 2. Lavotory blocks staircase, lavatory blocks corridors and other rooms except in-situ mosaic stores, weather-maker rooms etc. Yes Yes Yes Note: Rates for items are applicable on entire plinth area except for items 1. Wire mesh shutters may also be provided at the discretion of Zonal Chief Engineer. Rules for working out plinth area from plans In order to ensure the adoption of a uniform method of working out plinth areas from plans, the following rules are laid down.

Plinth area rates pdf

Supplying, installation, testing and commissioning of Building management system etc. If any extras are required due to nature of layout involving filling, cutting or bringing services, from large distances, then additional provision should be made.

Pressed steel frames made out of corrosion resistant coated sheet of 1. Remember me Forgot password?

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The difference between declared and estimated V. Non asbestos double skin cement boards. DAR Electrical contains most of the items of.


R Volume II and I. Fri Aug 30, Your consent to our cookies if you continue to use this website. Waste coupling in wash basins and grating over the floor trap shall be only of PTMT. Delhi Civil Works Cost Indices to C Internal — entrance hall, principals room, Committee room etc. The latest plinth area rates as on 1. However, the need for issuing fresh plinth area rates has been felt to account for rise in prices in the last 5 years as well as the latest development in construction practices such as fire safety measures for high rise buildings and also incorporating the green buildings concept for three star rating of GRIHA.

Scale of Amenities — Architectural- Main Unit: Fresh Plinth Area Rates with baseas on 1.

Open platform without parapets and terraces at ground floor and porches, shall not be included in the plinth area but shall be allowed for separately for costing purposes.