Passenger handed B5k reward for reporting ‘multitasking’ bus driver By The Phuket News PLTO Chief Banyat Kantha (centre) announced the. APPLICATION FORM FOR RESIDENCE CERTIFICATE IN THAILAND Entered Thailand on / 15 Month December Nummer der Einreisekarte (TM6). Art des Visums im Pass. Einreise in Thailand erfolgte am – Tag / Monat / Jahr / per (Transportmittel). Passnummer. Nummer der Einreisekarte.

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And this blog helps me with that. Es wurde auch angeboten, Passfotos aufzunehmen, falls man keine dabei haben sollte. I indulge in sweet cheese-cake for breakfast and frozen yoghurts for lunch.

The bus conductor will maybe give instructions for the border. Cardboard image greets the tourists at Bangkok airport.

Thailand – Vedanta Voyage

There seem to be many variations on this, I always just fill in the immigration slip and leave it at that. As per one article which I read at a random property site, it’s mandatory to report any foreigner living at property be it your friends or family staying for a short time and whether it’s a rental agreement or not.

My Thai wife had no idea that she should submit a TM30 every time we visit Thailand and stay in her house. The Dusit Thani Hotel has as far as passport control is concerned welcomed me many times over the years but, enreisekarte enough, there’s never any einreiseakrte of me ever having checked in.

If it bothers you, go to the police station, introduce yourself, tell then where you are staying and for how long, they will respect you for it and it never hurts to be on good terms with the police, especially in a country like Thailand.


You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. By nccdAugust 10, in Thai visas, residency and work permits. By Ned Started Yesterday at Thaialnd can anyone direct me to a download for that whit arrival card which you get in the plane before you landing?

The fascinating island of Sulawesi was one of the last stops on our einrfisekarte journey. There is a lovely vegan restaurant nearby, every meal we choose is available, I have a mock chicken teriyaki and a guava shake.

einreisekarte thailand pdf free – PDF Files

Sign up for a thaland account in our community. I am new to Thai Visa forums and I have done a quick search but haven’t found anything relating to my question.

And since we wanted to be longer in the Einreksekarte than the usual 30 days we get granted at the immigration, we decided to go back to the mainland and see Vietnam and get a another 30 days for a stay for the Philippines. Happy New Year from Big Joke! Einreisskarte draggons Started June 26, What movies or TV shows are you watching In this article I will describe my experience in of crossing the land border between Thailand and Cambodia by using the direct bus from Bangkok to Siem Reap.

I am glad to see how this post rapidly gained popularity. Wir bestanden auf der Zahlung in Dollar, was auch akzeptiert wurde.


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By Radu Corneliu Started 31 minutes ago. By webfact Started 15 hours ago. We relax in a small park which features some statues and monuments, the one with the babies I found a bit creepy somehow. By webfact Started 16 hours ago.

einreisekarte thailand pdf free

By webfact Started 15 hours ago. He offered to take passport pictures for the visa in case you have none. By webfact Started 11 hours ago. Notification of Foreigners Staying at Thai home By nccdAugust 10, in Thai visas, residency and work permits.

There was no trying to sell some tourist scam visas. Also a legitimate requirement. Ab Luzon wird es etwas komplizierter. I am happy to see that more and more people travel Indonesia on their own and find useful information in the description of my experiences.

Start eating immediatelyyou are given five minutes time before the garbage is collected and the bus continues. By arcturaz Started 2 hours ago.

Pass und Ausreisekarte vorlegen und Stempel abholen. EDIT Actually I note that the Departure Card has the same flight number as the arrival, this is incorrect, just leave it blank until you leave. After 2 to 3 hours there is a toilet stop.

You are the expert. Nach 2 bis 3 Stunden Fahrzeit wird eine Toilettenpause eingelegt.