Manufacturer name, Eltako. Manufacturer number, TLZEV+UC. GTIN, Country of origin, Germany. Customs tariff number, gThe Standardg TLZ12 8E 23 V UC replaces the TLZ12N0 V and TLZ12 8E V+V uC. gThe Allrounderg TLZ12D 23 V UC replaces the TLZ12M V+V uC. g The Simpleg . Also visit TLZ12D V +UC. Eltako Staircase time switch TLZplus 1; 2; 3; 4 Matching products. Eltako Staircase time switchTLZ Manufacturer, Eltako. Manufacturer.

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Either direction switches can be connected to or these terminals are bridged and a pushbutton is connected as universal switch. We are there for you. The operating hours counter in field 3 continues running same as for a and b.

Please also read our Privacy Policy in this regard. Universal control voltage 8 to V UC, electrically isolated from the V supply voltage and switching voltage.

This prolongs in particular the lifetime of energy saving lamps ESL. This prolongs lifetime and reduces or avoids standby loss.

Low control power demand, therefore substantially less heat is generated. In position -ESL Memory is switched off. In this function the impulse switch automatically disconnects after the set delay is timed out, if a manual OFF command has not been given. Variable time range up to minutes in the function ESV.

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An LED lights up green when the supply voltage is applied and lights up yellow for rain. If applicable the dimmer will be switched on at the stored brightness level after the supply voltage is recovered. Two decimal places are indicated up to After an interruption, the timing period is restarted. Individual hlz12-8e-230v terms and conditions. If N is connected, the zero passage switching is active. Supply voltage 8 to V UC. The display is subdivided into 3 segments.


It can be switched off at any time by short-time control commands during the lighting is dimmed down. It saves the consumption parameter in a non-volatile memory. The monitored conductor is then switched on again.

Universal control voltage input 8 to V UC.

Error message false When the phase conductor is missing or the current direction is wrong ‘false’ and the corresponding phase conductor are indicated on the display. By using bistable relays coil power loss and heating eltamo avoided even in the on mode.

The modular approach has been chosen to provide a control or switchgear device module for any desired function match the overall system, typically permitting an individual awning to be controlled as perfectly as a large system which comprises dozens of shutters, awnings, Venetian blinds, etc. Control power demand W. The inrush current is 20mA.

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This display refers to the cumulative value in field 3. The energy consumption indicator EVA12 uses the current between input and output to measure active energy in the same way as a single-phase energy meter.

It switches the electronic ballast with a bistable relay at the output EVG electronic ballast units. Central control priorities selectable. Extremely low switching noise. The top rotary switch varies the off-delay time from 1 to 12 minutes. With the lower rotary switch 18 different functions may be selected: The display arrows on the left and right show the automatic change W and kW.


If the eltakk ESV is set the time ranges twhich can be set with the middle rotary switch are as follows: This prevents interfering electromagnetic alternating elds.

This impulse dimmer switch can be operated completely or partially as central control device. R loads ohmic loads, e. If light switches cannot be replaced by push-button light switches, there is a separate control input for light switches. Thus, time settings can be selected in the range from 0. Failure of the wind sensor results in a 2-seconds pulse at output 5 in order to protect any awnings or windows which may be connected here.

Ektako operation for children’s rooms KI universal switch or direction switch: The flashing decimal point is dependent on power consumption and indicates that power is being consumed. The impulse switch automatically disconnects after the set delay is timed out if a manual Dltako command has not eltak given. Product specification Product description Downloads Environmentally relevant information Product specification.

At wrong polarity or in case of a missing phase conductorthe LED flashes eltakko. Technical data page B Precise variable time range from 1 to 12 minutes, settable by minute scale.