Personæ has ratings and 51 reviews. If the invention of literary modernism is usually attributed to James Joyce, T. S. Eliot and Ezra Pound, it was P. At a literary salon in January , Pound met the In June the Personae collection became the. Donor challenge: Your generous donation will be matched 2-to-1 right now. Your $5 becomes $15! Dear Internet Archive Supporter,. I ask only once a year.

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Orientalism, Modernism, and the American Poem.

In addition to being a jerk, Pound was clearly intelligent and passionate about poetry, but a poet’s actual interest has to be in life, and I get the impression Pound’s interest was only in poetry. It was the first of three winters they spent together at Stone Cottage, including two with Dorothy after she and Pound married on 20 April The Cantos is difficult to decipher.

Allen Tate believes the poem is not about anything and is without beginning, middle or end. In he persuaded Poetry to publish T.

Personæ: The Shorter Poems by Ezra Pound

You can’t go round this sort of thing. Like other modernist artists of the period, Pound was inspired by Japanese art, but the aim was to re-make—or as Pound said, “make it new”—and blend cultural styles, instead of copying directly or slavishly.

His aim is not to embarrass a reader by reflecting their ignorance, but inspire them to continue to read perosnae learn.

Arthur Miller considered him worse than Hitler: Whether the poems are valuable as translations continues to be a source of controversy. From he wrote music reviews for The New Age under the pen name William Atheling, and weekly pieces for The Egoist and The Little Review ; many of the latter were directed against provincialism and ignorance.


There died a myriad And of the best, among them, For an old bitch gone in the teeth, For a botched civilization, Charm, smiling at the good mouth, Quick eyes gone under earth’s lid, For two gross of broken statues, For a few thousand battered books. By all means he was probably the greatest teacher to have ever lived, and had a knowledge of the poetic tradition that is unrivaled.

Mary, then 19 and finished with convent school, was quickly sent back to Gais in Switzerland, leaving Pound, as she would later write, “pent up with two women who loved him, whom he loved, and who coldly hated each other. After two and a half weeks he began to break down under the strain. His personar Hugh Selwyn Mauberley consists of 18 short parts, and describes a poet whose life has become sterile and meaningless.

Many of the Lustra poems are remarkable for perfectly paced endings:. The Women of Trachis. New Directions, poems Drafts and Fragments: But having translated texts from 10 different languages into English, Pound found that translation did not always serve the poetry: Tytell wrote that Pound’s voice had pounnd a “rasping, buzzing quality like the sound of a hornet stuck in a jar”, that throughout the “disordered rhetoric of the talks he sustained the notes of chaos, hysteria, and exacerbated outrage”.

Ezra Pound – Wikipedia

Sep 12, Avu Chaturvedi rated it it was ok Shelves: Nov 30, Daniel Seifert marked it as picked-up-periodically Shelves: Justice persoonae Injustice in the Cold War. He visited Eliot and Wyndham Lewis, who produced a now-famous portrait of Pound reclining.


The American Roots of Ezra Pound. He gets publishers to take their books. For the author who wrote under the poound William Atheling, Jr. Fenollosa Flint In F.

Personae by Ezra Pound

The New Age published Pound’s Axiomata in Januarya statement of his views on consciousness and the universe: Pound responded to the award with “No comment from the bughouse. Tytell writes that, by the s, no American or English poet had been so active politically since William Blake.

The volume of writing exhausted him. Ezra Pound and Italian Fascism.

Ezra Pound

Pound had come to believe that a misunderstanding of money and banking by governments and the public, as well as the manipulation of money by international bankers, had led the world into a long series of wars.

Neither can anyone learn English, one can only learn a series of Englishes. Pound, Wyncote, ezrx 11 years”a limerick about William Jennings Bryanwho had just lost the presidential election: She wrote to a friend: Move we and take the tide, with its next favour, Abide Under some neutral force Until this corse turneth aside.

Hilda Doolittle arrived in Persona from Philadelphia in May with the poet Frances Gregg and Gregg’s mother; when they returned in September, Doolittle decided to stay on.