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There are too many things I can pick at and too many issues I have with her characters that I just find myself unable to enjoy her books as a whole. Quotes from Finnikin of the Rock.

Okay needless to say I loved it. Five chapters in I knew what the big plot twist would be. I haven’t decided, though, if that’s because it’s so obvious that I didn’t even bother guessing, or if it’s a legitimately good twist. Finnikin is snarky, strong, smart, but also a bit hot-headed at times. In a nation where it appears everyone knows each other and each other’s business – and yet they manage to not intermix and lose their very distinct physical characteristics? And Marchetta tries to be mysterious as she reveals the details of how this fantasy world works.

Throne of GlassGracelingThe Girl of Fire and Thorns … this is perched way above whatever benchmark those fairytales set for themselves. I don’t normally review books I haven’t finished, so instead these are just my opinions from what I’ve read up to so far.

At times the author seems very shy of anything sexual, like an extremely awkward conversation between a girl and some men about her period.

This is a fantasy that is not drowned in clunky, pages long world-building, this is a book about people. But oh so very admirable and beautiful in a way. A fair warning to everyone, this is not a full review of any of the books, but instead a quick overview discussing what, I find thought provoking about the series.


Finhikin, when I have more fantasy under my belt to compare this book to, I am pretty confident it offers something that many others in the genre don’t. She stirs the blood of the hopeless exiles and gets them on their feet and fighting. It’s terrible, and gripping.

What I mean is rather: Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. I’ll let you with this quote – “Perhaps they would act as a deterrent. Wake me up when it’s over. Man respected by others finnikni also like a second father to Finnikin, he travels with Evanjalin and Finn to find the heir.

I couldn’t bring myself to read it anymore around one-third of the book. There are no interpersonal consequences for her behavior. I felt sentimental and missed the Lumatere Kingdom as though I was one of them.

But all safety is shattered during the five days of the unspeakable, when the king and queen and their children are brutally murdered in the palace. The finnlkin of Lumatere people who struggle to survive after their exile. Even if it is for the astounding amount of beautiful quotes.

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I hated Evanjalin I should have known from the spelling of her named. I don’t mind if rape is used in a book, but it was just too overused in this book and seemed especially inappropriate given that it was billed to me as a YA fantasy. You and I were supposed to be enjoying the beginning of a beautiful friendship, walking into the sunset together.

Definitely not for me and I don’t think I’ll try to finish it. Then everyone pretends it all makes sense. That sounds bad, but it was sort of the good kind of confusing View all 8 comments. I might not have liked this book without the sex and prostitution, but I might have.


I found the beginning of this book confusing. Because of the maturity in the story, the characters and the themes this chose to focus on, certain plot points felt off-key and an ill-fit to what this set out to do. I read this as a part of the library book club at work. Whenever I write a review of a Melina Marchetta book, I risk sounding like the same old broken record And I will be proudly be one of them.

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So imagine my surprise when I finished this one In the early hours of this morning, I feel I should note That my stomach was rumbling I had no time to eat! Maybe it had to finnkin with the fact I’d never read anything by her before but either way, I was floored. Your queen says were murderers. I love how Marchetta illustrates the deep and fragility of family and friendship. I’m even more of a Marchetta fan after reading this than I was before.

The world building and the plot was good at first. Sep 25, K. Because if it doesn’t, it sounds like my kind of book; and I’m really hoping it is!!!

I was frequently flipping back pages to figure out what one character was referencing She was tired of feeling shame.