The Illinois Articles of Incorporation Nonprofit Corporation | Form NFP must be filed in duplicate with full payment of all applicable fees to the Illinois. Articles of Incorporation – Not For Profit. Welcome to the On-line Not For Profit Articles of Incorporation filing system. Please review the following instructions. FORM NFP (rev. Dec. ). ARTICLES OF INCORPORATION. General Not For Profit Corporation Act. Jesse White, Secretary of State. Department of.

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Governor waives penalties, interest for taxpayers affected by tornadoes, severe weather. CRT – Certificate of Resale. It looks like your browser does not have For enabled. It may also be printed then be filled out with a typewriter, or printed by hand Black Ink only then mailed to Secretary of State, Department of Business Services, S. ST-1 – Instructions – For reporting periods August and after.

Illinois Articles of Incorporation Nonprofit Corporation | Form NFP 102.10

For nnfp, just click on the map below and enter the address of your home or place of employment. This information will be split amongst five fields: IDOR’s free online account management program.

You will be directed to a screen where you may input your card number information. In addition to filing all the correct paperwork with the Illinois Attorney Nrp and the Illinois Secretary of State Office, nonprofits must provide annual reports as well—this is in addition to the reports required by the IRS.

Skokie Court Building Address: You can find this office at the following location:.

Below this foem be two columns: Markham Court Building Address: Please turn on JavaScript and try again. Once you have completed the Articles of Incorporation, you need to file those articles with the Cook County Recorder of Deeds. Checklist for Forming a Not For Profit in Cook County Due nffp the wide array of tax benefits and other benefits provided to nonprofits, forming a not for profit corporation in Cook County rorm be a legally complex process.


You may enter information in the numbered text boxes. For each question, select the appropriate radio button. Application of Reservation of Name: For example, if this corporation is intending to apply for Tax Exempt Status, it must do so with the Internal Revenue Service.

Businesses Register your business, file a return, make a payment, withholding, and more. Individuals File your IL, make a payment, look up your refund status, and more.

Lake Avenue, Suite Due to the wide array of tax benefits and other benefits provided to nonprofits, forming a not for profit corporation in Cook County can be a legally complex process.

File, pay, register, and more. Local Governments Distributions, data sharing, home-rule taxes, research, statistics, and more. In the first text box, report the Full Name of the Registered Agent.

Forming and managing a nonprofit in Illinois is a difficult, yet highly rewarding endeavor, and James C. As the leading Cook County nonprofit attorneyProvenza wants to encourage 12.10 to further charitable giving in the county, while making it easier to establish, manager, and succeed in running a nonprofit.

There are several Recorder offices throughout the county, including: How do I get it replaced? Form or Form Please note that this is note a complete list of requirements, as depending on your specific nonprofit, you may need other documents. For over 20 years, nonprofit attorney James C. Step 8 – Attach any additional provisions that must nf; a bearing on these articles then list them in Article 5. Returns and payments due December 5 are now due December 6.


Will I owe penalties and interest?

Not For Profit Corporations Publications/Forms

Tax Professionals Software developers, electronic transmitters, substitute forms developers, and more. For all legal matters related to your nonprofit, contact James C. Who must file Fogm RUT?

It is important to note, this is only an initial step in forming a nonprofit corporation and maintaining its compliance with Illinois State and Federal Laws. What is a pass-through formm Here is a brief checklist, along with links to the required documents, needed to form a not for profit corporation.

Step 5 – In Article 4, state the purpose this nonprofit corporation is forming. There must be at least three. Step 6 – There will be several coices, below the Purpose area in Article 4, you must make to define this entity. One factor that continually strives to provide a better quality of life to Cook County citizens is the wealth of charitable and nonprofit organizations in the county. There are several Recorder offices throughout the county, including:.

Search for tax liens filed by the Illinois Department of Revenue. This must be a specific purpose or reason for organizing this corporation while broad reasons are generally not acceptable. Step 10 – The last section document will define where these articles may be returned. You may only choose one of these by left clicking in the radio button that applies.