Fill Ak Reg 3, download blank or editable online. Sign, fax and FORSCOM Regulation (OBSOLETE): Ammunition basic Sep 9, Ammunition Basic Load (ABL, FORSCOM REG , ; FORSCOM/ARNG , ) is one of the most critical operational functionalities of the Joint. Forscom Regulation (Obsolete): Ammunition Basic Load by United States Army Forces Headquarters (Creator) starting at. Forscom Regulation.

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Army Logistics System The U. Its size and composition are determined by the mission, availability of forces, use of nuclear weap- ons, probable hostile forces, climate and terrain. The fund is used to finance the cost of goods produced or services rendered. Factors such as grade limitations, “tooth-to-tail” ratio, facilities and in- stallations capacities, time in service, time in grade policies, and other considerations must enter into the picture.

Three main levels of management of the Army Logistics System may be considered.


The package includes the documentation required to establish unit records; e. These are close combat heavy ; close combat light ; commu- nications; command and control; intelligence and electronic warfare; combat service support; engi- neering and mine warfare; special operations forces; fire support; nuclear, biological and chemi- cal; ammunition; air defense; aviation; materiel accjuisition base; training; and base operations. The rey fund concept encourages cross-servicing among the military departments and agencies of DOD to obtain the most economical use of facilities.

General Support maintenance is performed in support of the theater supply system. The commander of a unified command is authorized to exercise directive authority, within his command, in the field of logistics. Planning and Programing According to Missions a. Retail divisions are managed by each major command having retail supply responsibilifies. The SMCA is responsible for: The legislation requires Congress to make coordinated annual decisions on to- tal Federal budget forecom, outlays, revenues, public debt levels, and budget surplus or deficit.


The Army principles of logistics are as follows: The Master Force is based on a continuous force programing procedure in accordance with the latest budget and structure decisions.

Forscom reg 55 – It also includes manpower costs. Army programing and budgeting is accomplished within the context of the 70-3 annual cycle.

Forscom Regulation 700-3 1986 (Obsolete) : Ammunition Basic Load

Upon restoration to serviceable condition, the ma- teriel is returned to stock for reissue or returned directly to the user under conditions authorized by the military department concerned. Congress, by law, cannot adjourn until the job is accomplished. Details on this program are con- tained in Flrscom It provides the substance that physically permits an army to live and move and have its being.

Therefore, logistics has a dual nature; it changes its nature as it moves from the field closest to the economy, which is producer logistics, and goes into forecom field which is closest to combat, which is con- sumer logistics. Consistent with these long-range plans, a more con- crete plan is made for a 5-year period.

The recon survey officer establishes the survey control points at the refuel sites to facilitate simultaneous operations. Thus, the total Army Change 1 Logistics System is made up of a complex of subsystems, each of which operates on inputs to produce outputs.

Batteries should upload howitzers from battery ammunition vehicles prior to arrival, thus minimizing vehicles that rearm 7700-3 the R3SP. The force structure Active Army and Reserve corrvponents is made up of units organized under TOEs, those organized under tables of allowances, and those individuals needed to insure units are fully manned.

These are related to those major problems of a command such as control, strategy and tactics, communications, and intelligence. It is organized on a worldwide and re- gional basis, and contains: Budget Appropriations and Program Elements a.


FORSCOM Regulation 700-3 1986 (OBSOLETE) : Ammunition basic load.

Logistics Principles — Chapter 2. Either they go straight to the field trains without the S4 knowing what is on them, 7003- they go to the CTCP and then either late to the field trains or not at all. Organizations are fixed or semi-fixed.

These defense supply centers maintain cen- tralized inventory control. As supplies and equipment are sold to customers, inventories are converted into cash.

FORSCOM Regulation (OBSOLETE) : Ammunition basic load. :: Obsolete Military Manuals

This is reeg planning emphasis in the rfg process. Good management must permeate the entire military system. Design logistics systems for expansion to meet peak loads they will face in an emergency. A requirement is an established need justifying the timely allocation of resources to achieve a capability to accomplish an approved military objective, mission, or task. For example, mne- FM stone schedules are required in many of the program element review reports and are used as a basis for overall management control.

To quote from Dr. This emphasizes effective and economical management of those activities for fosrcom the industrial fund concept has been de- vised. Mainte- nance performed on materiel after its withdrawal from the custody of the using military command. The growing dependence upon automated sys- tems has Deen accompanied by new and complex se- curity problems. The lack of discussion of R3SPs during the planning process causes poor site selection and unsynchronized execution within the battalion movement plan and logistics plan.

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