The Forty Days of Musa Dagh has ratings and reviews. Ted said: Read this book about 40 years ago. I remember that it was a fascinating, though. I bought a worn copy of The Forty Days of Musa Dagh for $ from a walkup used bookstore in New Bedford, Massachusetts, the old glory of American fishing . ‘Musa Dagh stood beyond the world. No storm would reach it, even if one should break’. It is and Gabriel has returned to his childhood.

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Last summer when the Yazidis of northern Iraq fled to the summit of Mt. Share this Rating Title: May 10, Daniel Polansky added it.

The Forty Days of Musa Dagh

He is followed by a skirmishing party of Turkish troops. Read this book about 40 years ago. Franz wrote, “The miserable sight of maimed and famished-looking refugee children, working in a carpet factory, gave me the final impulse to snatch the incomprehensible destiny of the Armenian people from the Hell of all that had taken place. The Wiki article on the Armenian Genocide makes it clear that considerable information about the events in Turkey had fodty available almost contemporaneously with the events; newspaper reports had been published in the New York Times in andfor example, and Henry Morgenthau, Sr.

Inoltre, tutta la situazione sul Mussa Dagh – per come viene descritta – sembra un po’ un villaggio di selvaggi che agiscono a livello primordiale, tenuti insieme solo da qualche capo illuminato.

Musa Fortg is both physical and spiritual – usually in our lives it is either one or the other.

Characters who will figure in the defense of the mountain also come into more relief, such as the loner and Ottoman Army deserter Sarkis Kilikian who suffered the loss of his entire family during the pogrom-like Hamidian massacres and the former drillmaster, Chaush Nurhan.

The chapter that follows resumes with Stephan and Haik. It is amazing to me that this first holocaust of the 20th Century was penned by a German injust as Hitler was coming to power. For several years the novel could be read in Nazi Germany despite book burnings that included Werfel’s previous titles and the increasing number of proscribed Jewish authors and their books.


Inspired by the sight of undernourished Armenian refugee children in Damascus, Franz Werfel narrates, in his famous novel, the fate of several thousand Armenian villagers who fled from their imminent deportation to a fortt mountain and hid there until they could escape on naval vessels of the Entente over the sea. Fino al cedimento dei nervi di fronte alla risoluzione positiva dopo 40 giorni di tensione. Franz Werfel, already a famous poet and well-known author, touring the Middle East in with his new wife, Alma Mahler, encountered pathetic Armenian refugee children.

For better or worse, Werfel is very much concerned with ethnicity, identification and foety. Dec 31, Rhomboid Goatcabin rated it it mussa amazing. Most of the first chapter of Book Three is written as a dramatic dialogue, during which Lepsius witnesses the Sufi whirling devotions and learns first-hand about the deep resentment against the West—especially Western “progress” as instituted by the Young Turks—and the atrocities in concentration camps set up in the Mesopotamian desert for deported Armenians.

Congress considered a resolution on the topic that was defeated in late under heavy pressure from the White House and from Turkey. Under the Volcano Malcolm Lowry Next review: Tra questi mi rimangono impressi soprattutto i passi che raccontano degli incontri del or protestante tedesco Johann Lepsius, ispirati a fatti realmente avvenuti, con il potente ministro turco e triumviro Enver. The hero is at rays adored and at times scorned.

Zionism and the Armenian Genocide. I personaggi sono forti.

In circa un migliaio di pagine che ho peraltro letto in un baleno Werfel non si limita a raccontare i fatti del Mussa Dagh, ma descrive estensivamente anche il contesto storico, politico e fortu del genocidio perpetuato dai turchi. Despite her deformity, the Armenian girl’s beauty and eyes attract Bagradian.

Inthe refugees returned to their homes. The leader, Gabriel Bagradian, is the primary focus of the story, but there is a large cast of characters and the story is told from these various viewpoints. This is evident as the novel opens in the spring ofduring the second year of the World War I.


I feel bad giving this such a mediocre grade, not least because of how important it is as a historical document not to mention as inspiration to the fighters in the Warsaw Ghettobut as a novel it is too full of melodrama and Romance for me, and the prose itself does the job fine but is not exactly impressive. In the face of this pressure, Louis B.

The Forty Days of Musa Dagh – Wikipedia

InDavid R. Reidel has also revised the existing translation to free Werfel’s stronger usages from Dunlop’s softening of meaning, his effective censoring of the novel in order to fit the mores and commercial contingencies of the mids. Maria Margaronis tells the extraordinary story of an extraordinary book and its impact as Europe descended into barbarism. Juliette Bagradian Guy Stockwell The camp, filled with smoke from the forest fires, inspires a vision in him that anticipates the Holocaust and the death camps of World War II.

The attempts to establish Cilicia as an autonomous region failed, but the villages at the Musa Dagh remained part of the French-ruled Sanjak of Alexandretta. I believe it is already available as an e-book. The Ottoman troops failed repeatedly to overcome the resistance fighters. Parte, anzi prende la rincorsa col tono della narrazione epica, introduce i personaggi, li accompagna nell’azione, disegna i caratteri, ci mette un po’ di ansia sul futuro che noi conosciamodisegna il contesto storico, identifica i potenti.

TVs wired to satellite dishes came on, filling spare rooms with their ethereal glow. This is a truly great book.

Book Two ends with Sato exposing Juliette and Gonzague making love, Juliette coming down with typhus and Gonzague’s escape. James Robertson — Bookclub This episode is related to Historical novels.

Altouni; the apothecary—polymath Krikor and the Greek American journalist, Gonzague Maris—all characters corty from Armenian survivors of the events ofas well as from Werfel’s family, friends, acquaintances and himself.