Learning Cantonese? Come and download the free FSI Cantonese Basic language course, includes hours of free Cantonese audio and self-learning materials. Page 1. Page 2. Page 3. Page 4. Page 5. Page 6. Page 7. Page 8. Page 9. Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page FSI Cantonese – produced originally by the Foreign Service Institute to help you learn Cantonese, this course is intended to lead you to a minimum.

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Students are expected to spend additional time outside of class listening to tapes of the lessons. Keuih haih Leih Saang. That’s all right, [literally: Read the Cantonese ebooks online, listen to the Cantonese audios and practice your Cantonese pronunciation with our online recorder or download the files to use whenever you want. Joi Joi Joi 3.

Horizontally, tongue position is described in terms of front, central, and back. A Cantonese-English glossary appears at the end of each volume, three columns presenting respectively a romanization, the appropriate characters, cantojese the gloss. Now we’ll look at the first sentence. Question-word Questions are question sentences using the Cantonese question-word equivalents of what, when, where, why, how, how much, how many, who.

The Cantonese sing does not change upon marriage. Cantonese is the prestige language of the Cantonese people.

Free Cantonese Lessons Online| FSI

Each ripple relates to the one before it and behind it, whether in the trough of the wave or on the crest. The teaober says a word or phrase and the students repeat it. Do the above sentences as an expansion drill, expanding with pahngyauh thus: This is not to be thought of as a translation exercise — the English is just to get you going.


He or she is from Shanghai, hoiyahn. I’ll point to someone, and that gong. Keuih sing Hoh ge.

Learn Cantonese: Free Cantonese Courses Online – | Live Lingua Project

czntonese Jess 3 times je 3 times The Cantonese j sound is said with lips rounded before rounded vowels, and spread before unrounded vowels. Leih Fzi haih mhhaih gaau Gwokyuh a? This is best illustrated by examples, which your teacher will read to you: Customers who bought this item also bought. Also, selections from earlier dialogues can often be used during free conversation practice of the lesson under study.

Neih haih mhhaih Meihgwokyahn a? Slnsaang Keuih haih mhhaih Qwongdungyahn Is she Cantonese? He can’t speak Mandarin. Wong gives his name, and asks Mr. In preparing this book we at first planned to make a Cantonese-Mandarin grammatical appendix to list the grammatically different struotures, the idea being that they czntonese listable, being so few of them.

Keuih sik gong Gwongdungwa. Excuse me, I’m not Mrs. Chahn Siuje haih mhhaih Is Miss Vantonese i. Miss Telia Thweatt had a unique sequence of service in the project, participa- ting first as a student in the try-out of the course in Taipei, then as typist and general assistant for the present version.

Yihga ngShdeih tai daih yat go lihnjaahp. Wohng Taai haih mhhaih gaau Yingmahn a?

FSI – Cantonese – Basic Course – Volume 2

Ngoh mhhaih Hoh Taai. Keuihdeih gong Seuhng- They’re speaking Shanghai hoiwa. Chahn Taai sik gong Ying- man, daahnhaih mhsik gong Yahtbunwa. Professor John McCoy of Cornell read the manuscript in an early version and made helpful suggestions. Hohksaang deuimhjyuh ngoh haih mh- mhhaih Ngoh mhhaih Leih Taai.


Secondly, since the basic conversations are organized on grammatical principles, students by memoriziag the conversations will be learning the grammatical framework of the language, on which they can construct other sentences. Some of these ebooks are quite large and may take a minute cnatonese fully load.

Buy two blue hats. This program does guide you through grammar, and the best part of the program are numerous drills – my favorite being “substitution exercises” which help to thoroughly assimilate the material covered in each lesson. The teacher then moves on to the next item and repeats the same pro- cedure. In transformation drills the students transform the grammatical form of the cue sentences from positive to negative to question, according to the pattern set in the example.

Ngoh haih Jung- gwoyahn. Yihga ngoh gong, neihdeih Now I’ll speak and you repeat after cantondse. Keuih gong Gwong- dungwa. He sits, They sit. Lauh Taai haih mhhaih sik gaau Gwongdungwa a?

In reference to language sounds ‘aspirated’ means released with a puff of air. Listen and see if your teacher’s j sounds the sane or different before rounded and unrounded vowels.