GE Power Controls SOLID STATE SOFT STARTER ASTAT Plus USER MANUAL REMARKS: 1. Read this manual throughly before using the ASTAT Plus, and. General Electric/Motor Starter MPN ASTAT-QI3KDP ASTAT Plus Solid State Soft Start 50 HP Model: ASTATQI3KDP B &. Max Volts 3 Phase AC: VAC. Find great deals for GE ASTAT Plus Qi3kdp 50hp Soft Start General Electric 50 HP Starter. Shop with confidence on eBay!.

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Make sure that this manual is delivered to the end user 3. Disconnect power before installing or servicing. An isolation contactor is recommended, configured to provide pluus isolation when the motor is turned OFF.

Unit may contain more than one live circuit. Disconnect both control and main circuits before installing or servicing. Soft stop should not be used as an Emergency stop. Stopping mode must be set to meet applicable standards for operator safety. Separate motor overcurrent protection is required to be provided in accordance with the Canadian Electrical Code, Part 1.

Semi-conductor fuses specified may not provide branch circuit protection. Refer to local applicable electrical codes. Overload relay setting should be properly coordinated with motor. Slow speed running will affect the motor thermal characteristic due to reduced cooling. Care must be taken when operating motor under these conditions. Select the lowest braking current and time. DC braking must use additional DC3 in the motor circuit.

See wiring diagram page Contact motor manufacturer for proper motor selection. If control power is lost between starts, the overload relay protection is reset to cold start conditions. L’appareil peut renfermer plus d’un circuit sous tension de’brancher les circuits principaux et les circuits de controle avant de raccorder ou d’intervenir.

Ralentissement courant continu peut provoquer la surchauffe de moteur. Fuses, contactors and supply wiring Comparison of starting systems There are numerous applications where soft starting and limited current peak are needed and thereby making direct starting of squirrel-cage motors impossible.

Traditionally in such cases other types of starting with reduced stator voltage have been resorted to. The best-known are star-delta starters, autotransformer starters, stator resistance starters or using part winding motors. Any reduced starting voltage imposes a current limitation, and as a consequence the starting torque is also reduced, but there will always be peaks during the change from one point or state to another which can damage the machine being driven.

In order to analyse the performances offered by each of these different types of starters, the following table shows the special characteristics of each of them, comparing with the ASTAT system. Note that in general all reduced voltage starts produce a reduction in torque in squared proportion to the current in the phases of the motor not on the line and the latter in turn is reduced in linear proportion to the voltage.

From this it can be deduced that any start with reduced voltage reduces the torque in squared proportion to the voltage per motor phase. From this point of view soft starting produces, just like any other reduced voltage start, a reduction in starting torque, according to the adjusted parameters. The advantage, of course, is the ease with which this ramp can be controlled to produce a soft start in accordance with the actual requirement of the machine.


Bearing in mind that the direct starting torque varies between 1. This area includes the starting of pumps, fans, conveyor belts, etc.

As a general rule it can be guaranteed that soft starter will allow starting of drives which are currently asgat in conventional starting systems, with the advantages outlined, and above all the facility to adjust the current peaks and torque at the machine, faced with the impossibility or difficulty of varying the steps in conventional systems.

Starting and stopping the motor without steps or transitions lengthens the life of power-driven machine mechanical elements, greatly reducing stress on transmission gd coupling parts.

GE ASTAT Plus User Manual

Consequently, overhauling times are reduced and machine and facility lifespans are lengthened. This unit can be used for a wide range of applications. Adjustments are very easy to make and diverse options may be selected to have plue capabilities suited to application needs every time. Application of a pulse start may also be selected in cases of high static friction load.

Braking may be made by cutting-off power or by stop ramp, and it is also possible to brake more energetically by feeding a DC current to the motor stator, so there are many ways to pluw the best possible deceleration.

The signalling code based on alphanumeric display, makes the equipment working conditions known at any time and gives a quick diagnosis when protection security is violated. This method reduces the motor speed, by controlling internal parameters in the motor as well as the output voltage in a close-loop system. The control board is made with the technology of surface mounting devices SMDwhich increases equipment reliability. These performances allows the incorporation of the soft starter to a distributed control net, in automated plant processes, together with other soft starters, programmable controllers, variable speed drives, etc.

The control signals are optoelectronically isolated and various levels of protection have been set up in the circuits to immunize the equipment against external disturbance and its effects. Types and ratings Asstat Ratings Current rating Max. Static soft starters 2. If the control voltage is not removed, the unit has a cool down characteristic, being the cool down time sec.

If the control voltage is removed after tripping, you must wait, at least, 2 minutes before the unit can be restarted. Supposing a cycle T, with starting time of t1, running time of T-2t1 at rated current and OFF time of t1 sec. Digital Inputs Terminal 57 Function Common for digital inputs Description This is a common terminal for the digital input terminals specified below. Command signal may be provided by one NO free voltage push-button to terminals 1 and Command signal may be provided by one NC free voltage ve to terminals 2 and These two inputs are programmable.

This relay can be assigned to several internal output functions. It should be provided by a DC tacho-generator coupled to the motor.

GE Astat Plus Soft start Manual |

This speed feedback signal is required when the “linear ramp” function is used. When the motor thermistor is not used, a link must be set between those terminals. Description RSC, 3 wires, half duplex. Maximum cable length 3mts. Asynchronous data transmission, Bauds, 1 bit start, 8 bits data, 1 bit stop. The programmable inputs I3, I4 are not assigned to any function as default. Check pages before to use these inputs. The programmable relay outputs are as default assigned to the following functions: Dual ramp possibility Linear speed ramp by tacho feedback also possible 3a Fast increase of output voltage when motor gets rated speed Current limit 4 1 to 7 In Permanent state 5 Rated voltage Override 5a Rated current 6 Energy savings.


Secondary ramp 1 to 99 s Stopping modes All selectable Ramp dowm modes available are: Enabled by “Sxxx” to ON – Pump control.

Basic diagram Slow speed. Full diagram 3. The most of these functions can be enabled or disabled remotely as well, through the programmable inputs I3 or I4 terminals board and Motor current Software Version.

Monitor, Calibration, Basic and Advanced. The parameters of each group can be displayed or skipped according the selection olus in parameter “G”. There is a quick way to search automatically the parameter “G” by pressing displayed. Proceed g this way untill and Keys. The actual value displayed can be stored in a temporal memory buffer by pressing key.

Values stored in the temporal memory are lost after switch off, unless these are saved in the permanent E2PROM memory through parameter “W”. Additional indications are given in page The above is an example given for parameter “G”, but all ASTAT Plus parameters can be astaat from its default factory value proceeding in similar way.

Equipment is connected to main supply Stop Remote stop. Then the control is made thru serial comm. Fault 1 -Latest fault- xx: Fault code zstat e1xx: The Monitor block parameters are always displayed 4. Set Rated Value t x x x Voltage Calibration t 4 0 0 V Setting of this parameter allows better accuracy in monitoring or voltage protections. X – Unit frame rating F,G,H, Overload protection disabled external overload relay must be used N1: Search the parameter “txxx”, set the voltage measured and save this value by the enter’s keypad key.

Note however that the parameter “txxx” will show the latest entry, which may differ of actual voltage value. Start the motor, and measure the rms motor current using a calibrated Ammeter.

This measurement must be done after complete the starting, once the motor current has been stabilized. Search the parameter “mxxx”, set the current measured and save this value by the enter’s keypad key.

Note however that the parameter “mxxx” will show the latest entry, which may differ of actual current value. Sets motor current limit if parameter “N” is properly adjusted. The maximum range setting is automatically calculated by the unit according the following expression: Sets Voltage ramp up time.

GE ASTAT Plus Qi3kdp 50hp Soft Start General Electric 50 HP Starter | eBay

Motor acceleration time will depend of load conditions. Sets Voltage ramp down time. Motor deceleration time will depend of load conditions. Enabled only if the parameter “Sxxx” is ON p x x x Kick start 1 p 0 0 0 ms.