Lösung D in Download enthalten. Gänseliesel Musikalisches Suchspiel . Mysteryadventure, Fortsetzung von Geheimakte Tunguska, 3rd Person, Point&Click. American Mc Gee`s Alice Komplettlösung Teil 1. Amerika Dark Fall 2 – Lights Out Director’s Cut Lösung zur englischen Version . Geheimakte Tunguska. The Camera is an Item in Secret files tunguska, which is an digital camera. You have to speak with Lisa, then repair the Bicycle from her. Then you will become.

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Use the dairy for checking immediate broad objectives as well as for hints for tunguskz. The man drives off in the snack stand. Look at the statue. Use the apple with the trash picker.

While the game is bug-free, save often to avoid replaying sequences. A task list tab at the bottom shows all the pending tasks. Spanisches Schiff, Dschungel, El Dorado. Die selten verwendeten Cutscenes sind allesamt hervorragend in Szene gesetzt und wecken die Lust auf mehr. Use life vest on boat.

Take the soda can and the nail polish. There they need to access different rooms to find a way back home.


Geheimakte 2 – Puritas Cordis (e) Lösung / Walkthrough

She is supposed to marry the evil count Trumpf, but one night she gets kidnapped by the Black Knight while Lanze is drunk. Use the spoon with the blue stone.

Look at the panel with the discs. Enter the laundry room and take the fabric from the basket. The game is overall linear and does not allow geheimakt usage of items. The hands typically stands for taking an item. Go to the window to the prison. Solve the number code puzzle. A well-known, beautiful and rich businesswoman is found dead in the most luxurious hotel of the capital. Find great deals on eBay for wii chip and wii modified.

Use the toolkit to remove the motorcycle engine and fix gunguska on the boat.

The results are photorealistic 3D environments with characters that look like they’re straight out of a movie or TV show. Michel was always heavily covered up, because he was a woman named Michelle!

Welches Adventure spielt ihr grade? Set in a world split into various districts, the story begins with Mio and her childhood friend, Shizuku, going to school. Anmelden Name Passwort [ Registrieren Passwort vergessen?

The jar is filled with assorted objects that must be dragged and dropped in to their respective bins. tungusk


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Use the frog with the statue. Just kidding about the last one: Kick the papaya tree on the extreme right. The hint to this puzzle is in the diary. Switch the power off.

Camera | Secret Files Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Knock on the door to talk to the officer. Take the MP3 player from the counter. Sie versuchen, dem Wanderprediger Jesus auf den Fersen zu bleiben und treffen dabei auf bekannte Figuren des Neuen Testaments.

Go to the back of the temple. Kidnapped, you’ll help Burton to solve a kidnapping case by scouring the crime scene to gather forensic evidence, and interviewing suspects.

The bees from the honeycomb fly into the hole. The hint button highlights the location of one of the required objects, taking about a minute to recharge after use.