Günter Grass, one of the most important writers in post war Germany, and for reasons of brevity and accessibility went for ‘Im Krebsgang’,. Im Krebsgang (English, German and German Edition) [Günter Grass] on Amazon. com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Book by Günter Grass. März Günter Grass: Im krebsgang. Quellen: Taschenbuch “Im Krebsgang” von Günter Grass Reclam Lektüreschlüssel An den Jahrgang.

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For me, the main message of the book was to grsas more open about the history so that we can prevent crimes motivated by right wing radicalism. The repeated references to events on the larger stage the Spanish Civil War, the Red Army advancing to the Oder can also seem mechanical.

Tulla is short, thin, white-haired since the sinking of the ship, and attractive to men even into old age. Paul timidly argues with Him about the format, scope and depth of his book. Moreoverhis presentation of the war is fair and not too much pro-jew, which is the case with so many gfass art pieces about the war. It seems absurd to classify their deaths as being mere collateral damage. Whenever the date appears in his narrative, which is often, Paul becomes trapped in self-pity about the unfair burden it has placed on him.

This failure, he says, was staggering.

Indeed, he makes it clear that she is pleased grasw the sudden attention of so many men: Paul, representing the next krebsgqng, comes over as a passionless liberal, something of a drifter, brought up without a father, living in both the East and then West Berlin, writing as a journalist for papers with a broad range of political positions, drifting into and then out of his relationship with Gabi.

As I have family, in Gdansk where the ill-fated ship departed from, I had heard many stories of the incident and was interested in getting more details on the legendary disaster.

In Icy Baltic Waters

Published April 5th by Mariner Books first published April 1st orebsgang Views Read Edit View history. In and he worked in a mine and received a stonemason’s education. Articles lacking in-text citations from April All articles lacking in-text citations Articles lacking reliable references from April All articles lacking reliable references Pages to import images to Wikidata. Oct 17, Friederike Knabe rated it it was amazing Shelves: As Grass threads these narratives together, three not very famous lives stand proxy for the history of 20th-century Europe: In The Flounder Grass appeared even more flippant when it came to rape: When he finally does so, it is at the krebsgagn of an older author, presumably Grass himself.


Rereading Guenter Grass’ Crabwalk – Im Krebsgang. | peakreads

Never, he said, should his generation have kept silent about such misery, merely because its own sense of guilt was so overwhelming, merely because for years the need to accept responsibility and show remorse took precedence, with the result that they abandoned the topic to the right wing.

The disaster of the Wilhelm Gustloff was hidden after it happened grasz fear it would sap public morale, and interestingly, from the Russian perspective, the successful torpedoing of the German ship was not really recognised until the s.

He is concerned with what the future holds.

The gntre of divided postwar Europe also helped to marginalise the memory of what happened. Some find him impossible to read but for me his work is genius, the mature and serious way to do history and its current impact in fiction, ie not alternati What happened to Tulla from Langfuhr, her baby and her grandson, before, during and after the sinking of the Wilhelm Gustloff which sailed from Gotenhafen Gdynia in You are commenting using your Facebook account.

It was the worst loss at sea in history 1, went down on the Titanicalthough neither the Germans or Soviets were inclined to publicize it, either at the time or since. The narrator is horrified to discover that the site is being run by his son, Konrad. But even in “Crab Walk” were some sentences which made my heart beat faster and krebsgag reflected his exalted style of writing.


Paperbackhnter. She remains in the East, seemingly switching allegiances without effort to the Stalinist regime, defending it long after the Wall has crumbled. Selfish and emotionally manipulative, she is a political opportunist, a symbol of amorality.

The Gustloff story could support a much bigger and better book than this. Sincehe lived in West Germany, but in his fiction he frequently returned to the Danzig of his childhood. Born in Odessa of a Ukrainian mother and Romanian father the original krebsgabg name was Marinescuhe was a drinker and womaniser whose irregular life had already attracted the attention of the NKVD.

Tulla speaks with a strong accent a form of Low German described by the narrator as ‘Langfursch’, after the part of Danzig she is from. Yet she is happy when Paul leaves for the West to make something of himself. And how should the story be told? Grass clearly understood the new technology and its potential implications for politics, and for our understanding of the past.

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: He married in and since lived in Berlin as well as part-time in Schleswig-Holstein. Aber es war schwierig. She went into labor after the first torpedo struck and gave birth aboard a rescue ship as the Wilhelm Gustloff sank. This site uses cookies.

The Wilhelm Gustloff was a German cruise liner that spent much of the war tied up in Gotenhafen the then German name for the Polish port of Gdynia. Spirited, unconventional and a salty speaker of East Prussian dialect, she is the ultimate survivor.

Paul who never talks and Tulla who talks too much and me and all of my classmates, as I can speak for them, thought differently about it after reading.