Check out Gopika Geetham by rajan & Sanskrit Scholars on Amazon Music. Stream ad-free or purchase CD’s and MP3s now on Gopika Geetham. (The song of the Gopis). From. Bhagawatha Purana. Free translation,. By. ander. One of the most important approaches to attain. jayati tE’dhikaM janmanA vrajaH zrayata indirA zazvadatra hi| dayita dRzyatAM dikSu tAvakAstvayi dhRtAsavastvAM vicinvatE||1||.

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So long as there is selfishness in the heart, so long is love of God impossible. Gopis Love for Sri Krsna Krishna.

॥ गोपीगीतम् ॥

Are they not pained by coming in contact with gravel, etc.? I’m intrested in Yoga,Meditation,Vedanta ,Upanishads,so,i’m naturally happy i found many rare titles in your unique garden! Be the first to receive our thoughtfully written religious articles and product discounts. Truly very appreciated, Namaste.

Was their love earthly or godly? If the lord can cure pain of the entire Sansjrit why not we the true lover of thy lotus feet gopkka giving us the much cherished wish of having union with you. Meaning this is the hardest time of our life that your disappearance cannot be tolerated upon please come back to us soon. Sasnkrit my email address. You kindle love in our heart, O gallant Lord, again and again, even as You reveal Yourself before us at the close of the day, wearing a countenance overhung by dark curly locks and soiled with the dust raised by cows that constitute the wealth of the Gopasand thus resembling a lotus surrounded by black bees and covered with pollen.

Gopi Geetham –

You will be informed as and when your card is viewed. Please read our Privacy Policy for details. A New Look at the Uddhava Gita. When the Gopis finished this song, being separated from their soul-God, Sri Krishna did appear before them, filling their hearts with gopi,a joy.


This stanza refers to a Gopi of Thamasic nature who is cursing the Lord for His deed and is openly criticizing him for the sanekrit. I was very pleased with the meticulous method of shipping. Please help to maintain respect for volunteer spirit.

Gopika Gitam – StotraSamhita

The devotional fervour and poetical skill of these sweet stanzas are rarely gopikw in devotional literature. Then, only then, you will understand the Love of the Gopis, too holy to be attempted without giving up everything, too sacred to be understood until the soul has become perfectly pure. Till such time you return back in the evening until our eyes are fed with your grace we were only machine like doing work without any involvement and we get back our lives only on seeing you.

When you have got that, you have got everything. gopiia

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Having seen their beloved the eyes of the Gopis lit with glee got up as if their bodies were revitalized with prana and they seems to engulf their beloved with their glimpses and embraced him wholeheartedly and fell at His feet.

May this rendering persuade the readers to read the precious original again and again till the madness of Gopis’ God-love inspire them and take them towards God-union, sannskrit prize of human life. Thanks many times over!


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Gopika Geetham

Suratha vardhanam, soka nashanam, Swaritha venuna, sushtu chumbitham, Ithra raga vimaaranam nrunaam, Vithara veera na: Radha From Gopi to Goddess. Krishnasya mukha lavanya sudhaam nayana bhaajanai: On many occasions you were kind enough to protect us from various evils and incidents — once from giitam water of Kalinga Madu by removing Kalinga and family from there; on another occasions from the serpent who appeared with his mouth open — thinking that it was a cave entire Gopas and the herd saskrit in and swooned and only by thy grace they got back to life; yet another occasion from the wrath of Indra who ordered for severe downpour — unprecedented and unknown to Vraja Bhoomi and you saved entire Gokulam by lifting Govardhan Giri itself for seven days with you little finger; again from forest fire on one occasion and on many occasions from the wrath of asuras who were constantly gita you — Oh Bull King of this land how can we forget thee who was bent upon giving protection at all these hard yitam of ours.

When You proceed to the woods during the daytime, even half a moment becomes an age to us, who fail to see You. Gifam as free online greeting card. Based on your browsing history.