Waris Shah was a Punjabi Sufi poet of Chishti order, known for his contribution to Punjabi Waris Shah is primarily known as the author of Heer Ranjha whose verse is a treasure-trove of Punjabi phrases, idioms and sayings. His minute and . HomeLibraryPunjabi LiteratureHeer Waris Shah Heer Waris Shah Writer: Syed Waris Shah Dhukhde Masle Bhakhda Punjab Poetry by 22 Punjabi Writer. The legend of Heer- Ranjha. In the tradition of Punjabi Qissa poetry the arrival of Waris Shah was an epoch making event, which changed the status, tone and.

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poerry No wonder his language, though two centuries old, comes close to our pulse even today and evokes an authentic response. It is said in history books that the story of romantic love is a poetic expression of the mystical love of the human soul towards God — the quintessential subject in Sufism and a recurring theme in both Muslim and Hindu mysticism.

Waris’s parents are said to have died when he was young. The story of Heer and Ranjha had already become a great love-legend in a tradition of high romance and has been written by his predecessors like Damodar and Mukbal.

Great Sufi Poets of the Punjab. Waris Shah’s life has been fictionalised in Punjabi-language films. Follies and foibles of social life are also focused upon.

Waris Shah

Retrieved 29 May All those who wish to enjoy him, should search for him in his Heer. The Heer by Waris is full of poetic intensity, authenticity, critical faculty, deep and wide observation, wisdom gained through living a full and rich life, critical daring, romantic imagination, poetic vision, artistic excellence and natural grace of perfect execution.

Waris Shah is primarily known as the author of Heer Ranjha whose verse is a treasure-trove of Punjabi phrases, idioms and sayings. His Heer is so popularly read and recited all over Punjab that people feel proud in owning Waris Shah as their very own bard whose poetry has already survived two centuries of criticism and scrutiny and will stand the test of time in future too. The beauty of this epic poem is that it has attracted every critic worth the name and has led to a variety of interpretations and critical approaches.


Hs witty, humorous, satirical and sarcastic musings and phrases full of poetic beauty have become quotations in Punjabi lexicon. He is the first poet to see the unique conjunction of high romance and tragedy in it.

Heer Waris Shah – Punjabi Library

Another movie on the life of Waris Shah Waris Shah: In the tradition of Punjabi Qissa poetry the arrival of Waris Shah was an epoch making event, which changed the status, tone and tenor of Punjabi poetry.

Waris Shah is a model poet who inspired and guided generations of Punjabi poets belonging to the medieval as well as modern period. Out of the five rivers of the Punjabthe river Chenab is forever linked and often mentioned in the history books of these folk love tales.

Not to be confused with Waris Ali Shah. Some have pletry this poem from a Marxist point of view whereas warsi have analysed it from Freudian the angle. He is also well versed in Hindu tradition and folk-lore. Kapoor Professor warjs Punjabi University, Patiala.

His in-depth understanding of life enables him to survey the vast expanse of wagis behaviour and sermonise on the affairs of life. He had the insight and perception to see the Heer-Ranjha story as an eternal and ever fresh analogue of immutable love. Many verses of Waris Shah are widely used in Punjab in a moral context, for instance: Waris spent years in search of the perfect spiritual guide.

This poem can be viewed from the historical, sociological, mystical, artistic and poetic viewpoints. Waris Shah was a consummate artiste, a deeply learned person in Sufi and domestic cultural lore.


Waris Shah – Waris Shah Poems – Poem Hunter

A certain degree of stark realism has prevented if from becoming dated. As a man of greet wisdom, understanding and experience, Waris delves deep write analysing his characters. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. His minute and realistic depiction of each detail of Punjabi life and the political situation in the 18th century, remains unique and the entire poem is an album of colourful and enchanting pictures of life in the Punjab, of varied views but always deeply absorbing.

The legend of Heer- Ranjha. His writing clearly shows that the extent of his knowledge is wide indeed, so that whenever he chooses, and he chooses quite often, he gives astonishingly authentic details, for instance about astronomy, medicine, social rites, habits of men and women, clothes, kinds of horses and buffaloes, the items of the dowry etc.

By using the metre Baint, Waris has opened a new way of reciting his poem.

He has left punabi one work behind. Here he resided in a small room, adjacent to a historic mosque now called Masjid Waris Shah, until his death.

Waris Shah

One can say that he is the most unique poet ever produced in Punjabi literature. The Heer by Waris is full of poetic intensity. Whatever be the conclusion of the critics, they are unanimous in their verdict that Waris Shah is the first secular poet of Punjab who sang full-throatedly about Punjab and Punjabiat and left a writing which is the soulful passionate expression of the Punjabi psyche, culture and aspirations.