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A faster slew rate is used to exit out of Deeper Sleep and to increase system performance by achieving active mode regulation more quickly. RS is determined through an understanding of both the DC and transient load currents.

(PDF) ISL6260 Datasheet download

Essentially one resistor can replace the RO resistors datasheet each datashet and one RS resistor can replace the RS resistors of each phase. With the same modulator, the switching frequency is reduced at light load conditions resulting higher operation efficiency. It is better to have the cap value a little bigger to cover the tolerance of the inductor to prevent the output voltage from going lower than the spec.

A low level logic signal on this pin indicates izl6260 the micro-processor is in Deeper Sleep Mode. Precision Multiphase Core Voltage Regulation – 0. And very importantly, the PCB traces sensing the inductor voltage should be go directly to the inductor pads. The overcurrent and way-overcurrent protection level in two-to-one phase mode operation will be adjusted as two-to-one as well.

This is due to the R 3 modulator commanding variable switching. Take DCR current sensing as example, two errors have to be added to find the total current imbalance. Figure 48 shows the equivalent circuit of a discrete current sense approach.


ISL datasheet & applicatoin notes – Datasheet Archive

Superior Noise Immunity and Transient Response? Between active and sleep mode transition, high logic level on this pin programs slow C4 entry and exit; low logic level on this pin programs large charging or discharging soft pin current, and therefore fast output voltage transition slew rate.

Do not connect any other components to this pin. Operating on these large-amplitude, noise-free synthesized signals allows the ISLC to achieve lower output ripple and lower phase jitter than conventional hysteretic and fixed PWM mode controllers. This voltage is given by Equation Combining these requirements gives: Information furnished by Intersil is believed to be accurate and reliable.

As shown in FN The first is a slow slew rate, used to reduce inrush current on start-up. Regular external resistor may need to be in series with NTC resistors to meet the threshold voltage values. If the voltage on the NTC pin goes below the 1. At light load conditions, the ISLC is switching at a frequency proportional to load current similar to hysteretic mode controller.

Figure 40 shows the simplified schematic of this approach. There are two levels of overvoltage protection with different response. If the system is not compensated correctly, the output voltage could sag excessively upon load application and potentially create a system failure.

Datsaheet 1 80 mV EQ. Only if the inductor current is really cross zero, does the true DCM occur.

ISL Datasheet – Multiphase PWM Regulator – Intersil

For overcurrent less that 2. In the above analysis, the current Solving for Cn we now have Equation In addition, excessive phase unbalance due to gate driver failure will be detected and will shut down the controller. As a rule of thumb we start with the voltage drop across the Rn network, VN, to dataeheet 0. The modulator at the heart of dagasheet power system is derived from Intersil’s Robust Ripple Regulator technology, R 3 Compared with the traditional multiphase buck regulator, the R 3 technology multiphase converter has faster transient response.


But those caps are only available in small capacitance values. This voltage drop will be referred to as Voc.

Proper selection and placement of the NTC thermistor allows for detection of a designated temperature rise by the system. All of the above faults have the same action taken: Attention has be paid to the input resistor to the FB pin.

Fault protection is summarized in Table 3. For information regarding Intersil Corporation and its products, see www.

A high level logic signal on this pin enables the regulator. PMON An analog output. It is a package. These devices are sensitive to electrostatic discharge; follow proper IC Handling Procedures.

A on NTC pin, the voltage il6260 only There is a mathematical calculation file available to the user. The 3V3 pin allows for a system 3. A current reduction on NTC pin and 40mV voltage increase on threshold voltage of the comparator in this state. No NTC thermistor is needed and the droop circuit is simplified. The compensation design has to ensure the output impedance of the converter be lower than 2.

Multiphase Core Regulator For IMVP-6 Mobile CPUs

This total current is typically ? There are two resistors around the inductor of each phase. VW pin sources current. Capacitance on this pin would create instabilities and should be avoided.