Ned Kelly’s passionate letter to the press offered a rare insight into his feelings. Ned Kelly’s Jerilderie Letter is not your standard bushranger confessional, it’s a searing document of prophecy and self-mythologisation. State Library of Victoria, Melbourne, Australia. Object Name Jerilderie Letter. Object/Collection Description Only two original documents by Ned Kelly are known.

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Jerilderie letter | National Museum of Australia

lettwr In part, he concluded:. Howl and the Jerilderie Letter are both expressions lettr the predicament of someone outside the law whose vision of the world has already absorbed the cultural logic of his own incarceration and death: Only summaries of the contents of the Jerilderie Letter were published during Ned Kelly’s lifetime.

The language is colourful, rough and full of metaphors; it is one of the most extraordinary documents in Australian history. He was found guilty and the judge, Redmond Barry, sentenced him to death.

Ned Kelly online resources, SLV. At one point he calls police officers “a parcel of big ugly fat-necked wombat headed big bellied magpie legged narrow hipped splaw-footed sons of Irish Bailiffs kerilderie english landlords”.

One local paper estimated that eight hundred men were ready to support the Kellys, and the sympathy cut across racial divisions, with local Chinese helping to supply the gang. It is one of only two original Kelly letters known to have survived. That was a great way to make the public sympathetic towards you, I don’t think. Byhis widowed mother had moved her family to north-eastern Victoria.

I do not call M c Intyre a coward as he is as good a man nerilderie wears the jacket he had the presence of mind to know his position directly he was spoken to it is only foolishness to disobey an outlaw it was cowardice and foolhardiness made Lonigan fight it letteer is foolhardiness to disobey an outlaw as it means a speedy despatch to Kingdom come I would advise all those who joined the Stock Protection to with draw their money and give it to the poor of Greta where, I have spent and will again spend many happy days fearless free and bold.


The Kelly family saw themselves as victims of police persecution, but as they grew up the boys were probably were involved in the organised thefts of horses and cattle for which the district was notorious. Books by Ned Kelly. It also calls for the resignation of a corrupt police force that, Kelly maintained, preyed upon Irish Catholic settlers.

He took it to the bank’s head office in Melbourne, where it was lent to the police for Kelly’s trial. Doctor died or he would have proved Hall a perjurer, Hall has been tried several times for perjury, but got clear as this is no crime in the Police force it is a credit to a Policeman to convict an innocent man but any muff can pot a guilty one, Hall’s character is well known about El Dorado and Snowy Creek and Hall was considerably in debt to M r L O’Brien and as he was going to leave Greta M r O’Brien seen no other chance of getting his money so there was a subscription collected for Hall and with the aid of this money he got James Murdock who was recently hung in Wagga Wagga to give false evidence against me but I was aquitted on the charge of horse stealing and on Hall and Murdock’s evidence.

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Following is an 8, word statement I have called The Jerilderie Letter. We pay our respect to their elders, Ancestors and spirits as custodians of the country on which we work. The Jerilderie Letter, It is speculated that “Red” Kelly passed on MacNamara’s poetry to his son. Jan 31, Jjerilderie F rated it did not like it Shelves: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Families lived in wattle and daub huts with earthen floors, jerilderje poverty drove them to break the Selection Acts that were supposed to protect them. The Jerilderie Jerilderrie looks in three directions at once; time is folded into itself and stretched open.

Brendan rated it really liked it Mar 19, In New South Wales, cattle stealing had long been common in squatting districts.

Jerilderie Letter, p. 43

While there Fitzpatrick, who had a reputation for corruption and unethical behaviour, claimed that Ned Kelly shot him; although Ned was probably not there at the time.

Brown included the letter in full in his book and introduced it as an “8, word statement I have called The Jerilderie Letter”.


Letters message Crime in Australia in Australia documents. With this letter Kelly inserts himself into history, on his own terms, with his own voice Feb 21, Megan rated it it was amazing. Wikimedia Commons Is the Jerilderie Letter a bit like poetry? The first synopsis was published in newspapers within weeks of the Jerilderie raid, but it was not published in full until Two copies were made of Ned Kelly’s letter, one by publican John Hanlon and one by a government clerk.

A place called Victoria Dig: Jan 07, Jessie rated it really liked it Shelves: Footnotes 1 McQuilton, p. This page will be changed to the new design but is not currently optimised for mobile devices. Ermelinde rated it liked it Aug 05, Then in the mid to late 19th century bushranging re-emerged in response to new issues.

In October they were tried at Beechworth and convicted. Retrieved from ” https: It did make it an interesting, yet rather frustrating read. The original and both handwritten copies have survived. Vida rated it really liked it Jun 15, After bad seasons or when farm prices fell too low, men violated the residency requirements of the Act by leaving their farms to find temporary jobs such as shearing or farm labouring.

He allowed Hanlon to read Kelly’s document and make a copy of the pages. This edition contains a helpful introduction that places the letter in its historical context and informative footnotes appear regularly throughout. The Jerilderie Letter dramatises its predicament to the point of self-mythology. The Jerilderie Letter has aesthetic significance in the design, language and the style of a 19 th century colonial document. It is difficult to actually rate this. It is a petition, but the cultural work it does is far more ambitious and wide-ranging.

Trivia About Jerilderie Letter.