Joanna By Roberta Gellis – FictionDB. Cover art, synopsis, sequels, reviews, awards, publishing history, genres, and time period. A beautiful, iron-willed heiress to power, Joanna secretly burns with an explosive inner passion as wild and radiant as her flaming red hair. But her deepest. Roberta Leah Jacobs Gellis was an American writer of historical fiction, historical romance, and The Roselynde Chronicles[edit]. Roselynde; Alinor; Joanna; Gilliane; Rhiannon; Sybelle; Desiree.

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Open Preview See a Problem? Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Preview — Joanna by Roberta Gellis.

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A beautiful, iron-willed heiress to power, Joanna secretly burns with an explosive inner passion as wild and radiant as her flaming red hair.

But her deepest emotions are tragically frozen by the cold fear of a man’s tender love. Caught in the dangerous intrigues of King John’s court, the noblewoman comes face to face with Geoffrey, an irresistible knight. Paperbackpages. Published July 1st by Leisure Books first published The Roselynde Chronicles 3. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

To ask other readers questions about Joannaplease sign up. Lists with This Book. Nov 21, Naksed marked it as dnf Shelves: No way can I muster the energy to trudge through pages to follow a pair of unlikable protagonists with murky motivations and thin characterizations.

The heroine is supposed to be fiercely protective of her people but deliberately poisons half her castle’s loyal servants because she wants to trick a perceived enemy that she is not even sure is an actual enemy. The hero supposedly is lusting for his betrothed but is drinking and whoring every night. The heroine knows and doesn’t care. She is p No way can I muster the energy to trudge through pages to follow a pair of unlikable hoanna with murky motivations and thin characterizations.

She is pleased that he can still pant after her after a robertw of whoring. The Queen decides to go after the couple because The big mutt Henry was cute but that was about it. Aug 20, Misfit toberta it really liked it Shelves: Do not let the cheesy 70’s cover fool you; this is solid historical fiction and not a mindless bodice ripping romance. Joanna is the daughter of Alinor of Roselynde and heiress to her mother’s great landholdings. As Joanna egllis Geoffrey are called to court, they are caught up in the prevalent intrigues and corruption of John’s court.

K Do not let the cheesy glelis cover fool you; this is solid rlberta fiction and not a mindless bodice ripping romance. King John’s wife Isabella hates Geoffrey and roberat father and schemes to have Joanna seduced at court to cause embarrassment to Geoffrey. Joanna and Geoffrey are afraid to admit their feelings for each other, even as the attraction burns between them. They have many ups and downs and misunderstandings and separations as John battles the Welsh, infuriates his barons into rebellion, his attempts to recapture Normandy to the signing of the Magna Carta.

As I said previously, this noanna not a light fluffy romance; a large part of the book is taken up meticulously recounting the history of John and his court, and may be a dry reading for some. However, if you are a fan of historical fiction, particularly Medieval, with a good romance thrown into the package this is worth your while if you can get your hands on a copy. The prices for this used paperback are a bit steep, but I shopped around and found one quite a bit less than listed here.


Series: Roselynde Chronicles

View all 7 comments. See my Goodreads reviews of ‘Alinor’ and ‘Gilliane. Usually Gellis’s accurate historical detail and events is her greatest strength, giving strong context for her characters’ actions and emotion and immersing the reader in another world. This begins early as Alinor, Joanna’s mother, describes Joanna as controlled and ‘passive,’ despite her ‘flaming red hair’ that signifies her passionate nature hidden deep inside.

This gives us a protagonist who is often a recipient rather than an initiator gellia events and is frequently silent rather than taking part in discussions. We spend joannaa much time inside Joanna’s head with her ruminations. This does not make for a warm, appealing or even very interesting heroine.

The characterization of Lord Geoffrey is also unusually difficult for a Gellis protagonist. This is Ian’s squire from ‘Alinor’ grown up, but he is no longer the winsome, self-possessed young man we grew to love. In ‘Joanna,’ Geoffrey does a lot of ‘snarling,’ frequently at Joanna. Though we are assured Geoffrey loves Joanna, he spends every night whoring, Gellis saying he does it out of frustrated desire during their lengthy betrothal.

That may or may not be common behavior for the time, and Gellis has Joanna aware of it and not caring as long as these are common whores, not mistresses, and takes place before they are married. All the same, it is a disturbing break in logic for Gellis to condemn King John as a lecherous beast then have Geoffrey engage in essentially the same behavior.

It is particularly unattractive in a work of popular fiction for a largely female readership.

Geoffrey’s sexual exploits are not in any way important to the plot. All it does is make me dislike him.

And ‘Joanna’ feels overlong. Though it is roughly the same length as ‘Alinor,’ and only slightly longer than ‘Roselynde,’ the characters slog through an interminable janna of events without any real goal in sight.

In the first two books in the series, Gellis was able to filter the chaotic history of the times through the needs of her protagonists to create plots with specific goals and robetta ending points.

Yes, England has a king running amok and an on-again, off-again war uoanna France, but this is a work of fiction set in that era, not a textbook. What really is the plot here? Rkberta specifically do Joanna and Geoffrey want and what is stopping them?

If we robetta that, then we could enjoy the events as stages along the road to plot resolution and fulfillment instead of just more pages to get through. I recommend ‘Joanna’ only to devoted fans of ‘The Roselynde Chronicles. I made it to page and had to give up. For me the story just lost it’s momentum. I tried two times to pick it up again and each time was disappointed. View all 6 comments.

I loved the Roselynde Chronicles and this was a favorite of mine in the series. Joanna was so frightened and managed to be brave and fell in robeerta with Groffery at first sight sound – LOL. View all 3 comments. Sep 15, Renata rated it liked it. Very detailed historical background, but for my too longish and too little character development.

No way year old girl like Joanna would be that independent, sophisticated and mature to do all that stuff. Aug 03, Morena rated it did not like it Shelves: Few other writing sins are more irritating than using characters to info-dump reader to death.


Roberta Gellis excels in this. Let’s make this cardboard there that’s playing lute, gelllis so he can clumsily inform the reader about an event that took place in In all fairness this could have been a decent book, but for the most part it read like a rough draft.

The narrators voice was intrusive, explaining every little titbit and not just once but multiple times in case you didn’t get it the first Few other writing sins are more irritating grllis using characters to info-dump reader to death.

The narrators voice was intrusive, explaining every little titbit and not just once but multiple times in case you didn’t get it the first time. It’s ok if the politics of the era sound boring in a draft, but by the time you polish your writing those info dumps joaanna transform into exciting episodes of scheming.

Roberta Gellis

For some reason Gellis didn’t take that next step. In the time of King John before the Magna Carta, England seethed with uneasiness, uncertainty, cruel wars, and intrigues that fermented to the point of exploding. She controls servants and men-at-arms with fairness and firmness. She manages accounts and metes out justice with authority and with an even hand.

Yet, she is a good-humored, gentle, biddable beauty who loves her BIG dog Brian—given to her by a longtime friend Geoffrey Fitzwilliam. The men who ride with Joanna as she tends to business at all the family holdings, have a high regard for her and protect her at all cost.

She goes about her business without fear, but she does fear the tender love of a man. She does not want to suffer like her mother and her friend Ela do when their much-loved husbands go to war.

Joanna by Roberta Gellis – FictionDB

Joanna vows to wed a good friend and companion but NOT to fall in love. This is a strong theme throughout the story. They never cease looking for ways to hurt or even kill him. When the king sends him to subdue the people of Wales with whom he has close ties, Geoffrey is hard pressed to stay faithful. They fear their country will fall apart if King John is deposed, so they do his bidding and thread an uneasy path.

When it seems he will finally succeed Brian, the BIG dog, comes along and plays havoc with the plan a delightful bit of comic relief. I found myself skimming to get back to them. Roberta Gellis creates wonderful scenes showing how both of these young people handle responsibility while all the time maturing emotionally.

Their tenacity, loyalty, and unfailing efforts to make a safe and better life for all make Joanna compelling. After reading the first two books of The Roselynde Chronicles, I knew I had to continue the series even if I knew that Alinor and Ian de Vipont were not the main characters of the story. Joanna is the eldest daughter of Alinor and her first husband, Simon.

She is the heiress of Roselynde and was raised accordingly to her rank.