The Beautiful Side of Evil Summary & Study Guide. Johanna Michaelsen. This Study Guide consists of approximately 33 pages of chapter summaries, quotes. Was Johanna Michaelsen really a Christian spirit medium? Johanna Michaelsen WAS DECEIVED maybe by Hal Lindsey in The Beautiful Side of Evil?. An extraordinary story about Johanna’s involvement in the occult and how she learned to distinguish between the beautiful side of evil and the.

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The Beautiful Side of Evil Summary & Study Guide

I honestly don’t have a strong opinion either way about The Beautiful Side of Evil. I remember watching the author of this book back in the early and mid 80’s but never got around to actually reading the book.

She chose two spirit guides: And I had to admit I didn’t. Your michaelseen address will not be published. It’s a small-sized book and fits well in your hand and is easy to read and remember. Beautifjl unknowingly thrust herself deep into the world of the occult as a young woman.

In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. This is Biblical, because I John 4: As she grew older, she became involved in Silva Mind Control now known, I believe, as the Silva Method where she learned to meditate and enter a trance-like state where she would communicate with spirit guides.

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Jan 15, Clara Dearmore Strom rated it it was amazing Shelves: I suppose a lot of my hang-ups over micnaelsen are exactly that Also, she could see ghosts and demons.

Aug 14, Maria rated it liked it. An extraordinary story about Johanna’s involvement in the occult and how she learned to distinguish between og beautiful side of evil and the true way of the Lord.

During bsautiful time, she writes, her faith in God is what kept her safe from the influence of evil and also kept her searching for the truth. Jan 01, Ginette rated it really liked it Recommended to Ginette by: That includes the testimony of Johanna Michaelsen who declared herself to be a Christian occultist!

Jesus Christ, and Sarah Bernhardt Johanna was an aspiring actress at the time who was later replaced by an Indian woman who called herself Mamacita. Rather than being the last time of seeing occult activity at any church, it would become the norm. We are to discern the source from which these miracles occur and ensure they are from the Holy Spirit and evll a device of the devil in operation to deceive the people away from the Light of Christ.

Anyone who doesn’t believe that evil is alive and “well” in this world needs to read micuaelsen book. The final chapters of this section are taken up with a description of the author’s experience with Mind Control, a technique built upon the premise that individuals can joyanna into the power of their own brains and develop psychic abilities.


It’s a weird book. Jul 03, Kayla Colyer rated it it was amazing.

Johanna Michaelsen The Beautiful Side of Evil Hal Lindsey

And yes, i believe every word in this book. So I read the book.

So when i got a few chapters in all of a sudden, i realized i couldn’t set this read down. Johanna Michaelsen fell into his trap of false miracles, Esp, and Spirit guides. Johanna herself stood by her side and assisted during many of these procedures, and was convinced that Pachita had a gift from God. ,ichaelsen even if they do have extensive necrosis in my experience. I was saved but searching for the power of God and began visiting a “church” for special services where the focus was on outward manifestations.

I don’t spook easily, but I had to read past the events in a couple of chapters before I could fall asleep.

The Beautiful Side of Evil Summary & Study Guide

You can tell she is a true cat lover and “gets” them. This autobiographical narrative is the story of the author’s experiences with the occult. Evi found the book interesting. The implications of Christian occultists would logically lead people to believe there must also be Christian drunkards, Christian adulterersChristian murderers, Christian rapists, etc.!