Cardiphonia or the Utterance of the Heart has 21 ratings and 4 reviews. Jeremy said: I’ve This is a compilation of John Newton’s letters to various people. This is a beautiful short text by the famous hymnodist John Newton based in Pauls benediction to the Corinthians (2 Cor ). There is nothing more Biblically. Cardiphonia, Or, The Utterance of the Heart: In the Course of a Real Correspondence John Newton’s letters to Christians and non-Christians alike are full of.

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Has He not done all things well? This divine appointment was well suited to humble them. He would have all then; and surely He shall have all now! Jones had made a very good periwig for him only two years before.

He will be compassionate and tender to the infirmities of his fellow-sinners, knowing that if there is a difference — it is grace alone which has made it!

But, let him look and talk as he desires — he is Cardiphoia still; and those who are experienced and watchful may discern his cloven foot hanging below his fine garment of light!

Wilberforce was also sister to John Thornton, Esq. If you can get the Baker volume nedton the utterance of the heart do that. You have reason, indeed, to praise the Lord, and so have I. March 8, 0. Jesson rated it it was amazing Oct 27, Mary’s in John Newton was born in London and at age eleven went to sea with his father, a shipmaster on the Mediterranean.

When they were wandering — He brought them back. But HOW are we to behold Him? We know that He delights in the pleasure and prosperity of his servants; that He does not willingly afflict or grieve his children; but there is a necessity on our parts, in order to teach us that we have no stability in ourselves, and that no creature can do us good — but by his appointment.


His lordship prevailed on the Bishop of Lincoln to ordain Mr. In the Course johm a Real I wish I was more humbled for them — and watchful against them. If I attempt to pray, Among other advices, his friend urged upon him the duty of a public profession, and directed him to some of his Christian connections in London, and especially to his pastor, the Rev. Captain Clunie was often at Olney and was sometimes accompanied by Mr. Newton’s conviction of a special call to this service joyn evident from his reply, addressed, at the close of his life, to a friend who was speaking to him of the benefit he had derived from his letters, “Yes,” he said, “the Lord saw I should be most useful by them.

It is a comfort, under all changes, to be enabled to look to covenant love and special grace.

Cardiphonia – John Newton – Google Books

This appears to be a print-on-demand book in which either the original scan or the printer is of low resolution. There are abominations which, like nests of vipers, lie so quietly within, that we hardly suspect they are there — until the rod of affliction rouses them! By frequent prayerand close acquaintance with the Scripture, and a habitual attention to the frame of our hearts — there is a certain delicacy of spiritual taste and discernment to be acquired, which renders a nice disquisition concerning the nature and limits of the Adiaphoraas they are called — or how near we may go the utmost bounds of what is right, without being wrong, quite unnecessary.

I in every part, What evils do I see! In a letter of Mr. Though sin wars in us — it shall not reign in us. But who or what are we — that the Most High should thus notice us; should visit us every morning, and water us every moment? Love love love it!


This book contains letters written by a man who in his own words”experienced the good and evil on both sides” When I had cwrdiphonia, she repeated that word, “No,” she said, “not cunningly-devised fables; these are realities indeed; I feel their truth, I feel their comfort.

Permit me, my cardophonia, to relate, upon this occasion, some things which exceedingly struck me in the conversation I had with a young woman whom I visited in her last illness about two years ago. We should be ashamed and grieved at our slow progressso far as it is properly chargeable to our remissness and miscarriage; yet we must not expect to receive everything at once — but wait for a gradual increase.

I can venture to assure you that if you have a value for our prayers, you have a frequent share in them — yes, are loved and remembered by many here. I’ve been reading through some collections of hymns for the new year.

Cardiphonia : or, The utterance of the heart

Crdiphonia pride of others often offends me, and makes me studious to hide my own; because their good opinion of me — depends much upon their not perceiving it. The time is short, the world is cardiphonla away, all its cares and all its vanities will soon be at an end! The enemy has often thrust sore at us that we might fall; but the Lord has been our stay! And it’s only half of the original volume.