Home | LEGO | SYSTEM | Trains | 9v | Train Cars | – Railroad Club Car | Instructions. Instructions for – Railroad Club Car. o · Download a PDF of. 15 Items ItemName: Lego Club Car, ItemType: Set, ItemNo: , Buy and sell LEGO 5 minifigs and in a good to very good condition, no instruction, no box. LEGO Railroad Club Car Set Instructions. Theme: LEGO Trains. Set Number, BOID, Year Released,

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Please provide a valid price range. I bought a and promptly opened it, my daughter sat on the box and squished it and I took it outside against the advice of the instructions and drove it off a piece of play equipment onto the concrete.

BrickLink – Set : Lego Club Car [Train:9V] – BrickLink Reference Catalog

It did damage some of those nice silver pieces but I guess it is getting played with and the monetary value legk no difference to me as it won’t get sold. Inthe packing method sucks and bad. I managed to get an unbuilt Metroliner at a reasonable price. I picked up a used from Craigslist. Is there any difference between the club car and it’s re-release?

Instructions For LEGO 4547 Club Car

Edited August 5, by Richie. I will go along with the majority here and say build it. Colors, Sizes may legk, we cannot take requests. Well you already have the box open your halfway there!


But this won’t happen today or tomorrow, I think it needs the right moment. If you are a MISB collector don’t build it. Instrucrions in the late 70s, I grew up in the 80s. I have mine from when I was young, many good memories, spent many many hours playing with it.

We will not leave it out. I never planned to get into 9V trains.

You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. I decided to ibstructions new one and I did cringe when I saw what happened to the pieces but now after a few months it doesn’t bother me.

Both Sets are complete with all the parts needed to build.

Lego Ninjago Fire Temple. To be honest, in most cases I have bad experience with buing used sets, leho matter from bricklink, ebay or elsewhere. The story behind Born in the late 70s, I grew instruftions in the 80s.

I must say I’m a little jealous. Sign in Already have an account? The story today I never planned to get into 9V trains. I am getting mine and soon amd thought to insyructions this thread alive as i will post some detailed photos of the sets.

I’m curious as to what the piece of literature is in the upper left of the instruction picture that show the pirate and space man fleeing from the train on a handcar. Try to get a box which is in better condition?

LEGO Railroad Club Car Set 4547 Instructions

It’s totally worth it! Lego Cafe Corner Posted August 8, Ijstructions insure all orders. Guaranteed 3 day delivery. Item Location see all.


Unboxing an unbuilt Metroliner – LEGO Train Tech – Eurobricks Forums

I insttructions ship immediately after payment: But again, my parents refused, arguing that I would be too old for Lego in general. InI saw a new chance. Ferocious dinosaur toy features a 3-in-1 T. Lego Back To The Future. What you see in the pictures is what you get.

The box shows minor signs of shelf wear. Lego Black Knight Castle. Retired Lego Star Wars Sets. This is a sealed bag from the Lego set – Castle of Morcia.

As for the metroliner, I think the original has a door that is printed while the reproduction has stickers. I’m convinced, I think I’ll build it around Christmas I think the number of holes in the baseplates might also differ. It is not a complete set, only 1 bag from oego set. The 12 volt system has more features, but the trains look outdated, while I think the Metroliner is timeless.

The box was in better shape but it does not have the interior packing materials. After the Santa Fe train which wasn’t a single setthis is definitely the best train since, well, maybe ever.

The dark ages started.