Leslie Allen “Les” Carlyon AC, is an Australian writer, who was born in northern Victoria in The book was the basis for the Australian TV miniseries Gallipoli, released in the year of the th anniversary of the campaign. His The. The definitive work and national bestseller”The book of the year” Alan Ramsey, Sydney Morning HeraldLes Carlyon’s Gallipoli is the epic story of the fighting. Booktopia has Gallipoli, Centenary Edition by Les Carlyon. Buy a discounted Hardcover of Gallipoli online from Australia’s leading online bookstore.

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The writer and historian reflects on the difference between the mythical and real stories on the first day, and how crucial elements of Australian identity emerged during the war, as well as the lack of help given ANZAC soldiers returning to Australia after the war.

His book “Gallipoli, a popular history of the Allied Gallipoli Campaign in the Dardanelles during the First World War”, was published inand met with critical and commercial success in Australia, New Zealand and England. The Gallipoli story is two things – it’s a set of facts and it’s great clouds of mythology. And the gallioli tend to get mixed up. The great story was actually not the beach, the great story was up on the escarpment, in the hills, among all the razorbacks and cliffs and that mad country that’s Gallipoli.

It was the first big thing Australia did in the world. Australia is only 14 years old in and it was the first big thing it did. And so it took on an importance which, if you’re rational about it, you can sort of say, ‘Well, actually, what happened to the Australians at Passchendaele in was worse. What gallipli on the Somme inin some ways, was worse. In the end, Gallipoli, like all foundation stories, it won’t die, it just is and you can’t be too rational about it.


Gallipoli – Les Carlyon – Google Books

In part due to the reporting of it, in that it happened, obviously, on April Over the next few days in Australia, there were reports of a landing in the Dardanelles. It took a few days for people to realise, or for the newspapers to realise, that Australian troops were involved.

It wasn’t until May gallipoi that you got anything like a full account of it, which was the account of the English correspondent Ellis Ashmead-Bartlett. And what Ashmead-Bartlett wrote And after that piece appeared, enlistments in Australia, because everything was on the volunteer basis, enlistments soared and it had a sort of Kipling-esque romantic glow to it, the way Ashmead-Bartlett told it.

Except Ashmead-Bartlett couldn’t, for gallkpoli of censorship, tell what really happened. So, right from the start, er In a funny way, the Australian character emerged on Gallipoli.

And when I say emerged, it had actually been there, but you had to have the Australians lined up, if you like, with the British, to see the differences. And, of course, what became apparent is you had, in Australia, a new country, it wasn’t very old – the country itself, as a nation, was only 14 years old. Charles Bean, the war historian, made the point that while Britain was a democracy, in its heart it was still feudal.

And Australians, by nature, were more easy-going than the British, they were And you got, on show, if you like, in war, this contrast, because Australia had grown up entirely differently and with a slightly different set of values.

And you’d have to say The Gallipoli literature, if you like, the diaries and letters of the men is huge and, er One of the things that does was a famous brigadier called Pompey Elliott, who, er And he wrote to a solicitor friend in Melbourne. I always remember the letter, because I’ve got the brains of some young man splashed over my tunic.


And another one that sticks with me was a boy who died on Gallipoli in October. Haven’t had any letters since I left Victoria. A little boy, asking for a letter home. And about a fortnight after he wrote that, he was dead. You’ve got to feel very sorry for the Australians who returned from the Great War, when you think of, er You had men who literally came back and were told, ‘Right, you’ve done that, now go and get a job and get on with your life.

If you survived that, they sent you on to the retreat to the Hindenburg Line.

If you survived that, you went to Bullecourt. You survived that, you went to Passchendaele.

These men just got sent back and back and back and then suddenly they’re sent home and everyone says, ‘Right, get on with your life. And, of course, a lot of them couldn’t cope. There seemed to have been – I don’t think there are gallupoli figures – there seemed to have been a lot of suicides, a lot of very sad marriage troubles, a lot of troubles with children, carlgon grew up with this strange man.

Bully beef and fly stew

Very hard to quantify this, but they came back traumatised, most galliooli them and we didn’t look after them. Your browser does not support the video tag. Les Carlyon Posted Fri 6 Mar Updated Thu 12 Mar3: