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Couldn’t find a banjo tab for this song anywhere, so I figured I’d give it a shot.

Advanced Tab Search – Banjo Hangout

Unlike with the piano, you can move the exercise down the neck if you want to increase finger stretching. Expert Posted by bkbgrassupdated: Enjoy to play this tune. Expert Posted by John Steele ,ong, updated: On and On Genre: Expert Posted by bluegrassboy4lifeupdated: This is Bobby Thompson’s cut of Casey Jones.

Not exactly the way Ralph Stanley played it, but an accessible and enjoyable way to get acquainted with a great, familiar tune. Here is a bare bones arrangement of the famous Irish glack and lament about an boating accident near Galway town, based on Dolly MacMahon’s sean-nos version in A Dorian.

Do Lord Remember Me Genre: I’ve added fretting-hand fingerings. The lyrics were written by Ludwig Uhland and put to music by Friedrich Silcherwho based the melody on an old Swiss folk song.

The Hollies – Long Cool Woman In A Black Dress 1.mid [free midi file download]

Basic version of Banks of the Ohio. The tablature owman the arrangement in drop C tuning, although it could be played just as easily in standard G tuning. The third part also in the concert key of A, played thanks to capo in G is missing but you are supposed to play some fill-in lick under the fiddle or harmonica solo – find them e. Fruit in the cellar, cheese on the board, Big sack of coffee and sugar in the gourd.


The focus here is to demonstrate syncopation and accenting in Scruggs-style picking. I have included all the original parts to my knowledge in this version, with an intro and 4 parts. This is my first attempt at TablEdit. I can heartily recommend Jay’s work as I have bought a few of his books over the years. Back Up Lick by Frank Eastes. Second, I am playing F chord notes against the first D minor chord; hence it becomes a D minor 7th.

Welcome To New York Genre: I rated it at expert because of a couple of tricky changes, but most of it is probably intermediate. There are 2 and a half breaks, the first 2 are adaptions of standard fiddle breaks, with the outro half-break being some doodlings of my own.

Ticket to Alvarado Genre: It begins in G just like normal, but then changes keys to Eb for a verse, then to Bb for a verse, and then back to G. The banjo melody is an octave down from the fiddle, and I’ve changed the melody where it would go too low for the lonb. Expert Posted by Jared Reineckupdated: Tabbed for OzarkBanjoMan who remembered the tune his grandfather played.

I hope someone finds this tab useful.

Two finger thumb lead. It also includes the lyrics. These are a couple of original breaks for Foggy Mountain Breakdown played in melodic style.


Here tableeit an original tune I wrote for my middle daughter. With a third finger brought in for the pinched chords.

Womaan is a really easy Em tune written by me. Here is a contest fiddle favorite, “Herman’s Rag”, arranged for 5-string banjo. Beginner Posted by Lojg Turnerupdated: I’ve also included embedded links to Mike Iverson’s banjo lesson mp3 and a link to the Bryan Bowers autoharp version slightly sress lyrics and definitely a different key.

Ships Are Sailing Genre: This is an exceptionally difficult piece played at a blistering tempo. Pay attention to the section in measure 11, where the trick is to use your index finger to barre the 1st and 2nd strings at the 10th fret and then fret the 5th string at the 14th fret by s-t-r-e-c-h-i-n-g over with your ring finger.

Beginner Posted by JTrevorJupdated: This is probably my favorite banjo instrumental. Away In A Manger Genre: Performed by Merle haggard.

Lont second part is the melody with pinches. Beginner Posted by jkacurupdated: Put the capo and the fifth-string capo up two frets. This is the first opening break. Beginner Posted by TautHeadTimupdated: Note that the V D chords and the tags contain some of my ideas that can be used in various other songs.

This it the basic melody of the tune in D. Or if you make a pdf of it, the [2] will not be shown.

As played by Don Stover and by J.