Configuring the MX7 Tecton with HSM Connect (or LXEConnect). The MX7 Tecton can be locked manually by tapping Start > Lock. By default, this option is. The MX7 Bluetooth® module supports LXE Bluetooth printers and scanners. Important Contact your LXE representative to obtain the LXE Manuals CD. MX7 MX7 – read user manual online or download in PDF format. Pages in total:

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A new main battery pack can be fully charged in 6 lde when it is in an MX7 connected to AC power and 3. Cradle Power Connector Port Set input options for keypad, touchscreen and voice. A visual signal may be a dialog box placed on the display notifying the user the connection between one or all of the paired Bluetooth devices has stopped.

The headset consists of an earpiece, a microphone, a lxw clip and a cable. Tap ok to save any changes. See the section titled Accessories for the stylus replacement kit part number.

Hardware Setup 13 Installing the Handstrap Note: Handle, Handstrap Handle Handle 1. To install a User certificate: Page 84 This panel is used to view the status and percentage of power remaining in the MX7 Tecton main battery. Tap ok to store any additions, deletions or changes. Select the Default profile from the pull down menu.


The delay specified in Wait between keys is only applied when Remote Desktop is enabled and is the application with the input focus. Do not stare directly into the laser beam.

LXE MX7 Tecton Reference Manual

The keypad is used to manually input data that is not collected otherwise. The manipulated data is ready to be read by applications. Tap the Barcode Data button. Single Application Configuration to reduce the amount of registry space used. By default, Code ID stripping is enabled for every symbology meaning code IDs will be stripped, unless specifically configured otherwise.


The update will be deleted when Cancel is tapped. Select Keyboard from the menu.

Max field is rejected. The Time can be set for both a Home and a Visiting location.

The mechanism is the same as listed above, but the appropriate OS application is called, depending on file type. Connect To A Remote Server 1. Settings Control Panel Accessibility Customize the way the keyboard, Keep fingers and rough or sharp objects manuall from the bar code reader scanning aperture and the mobile device touch screen.

Entering Data The keypad is used to manually input data that is not collected otherwise.


Bluetooth can be accessed by tapping An MX7 Tecton, with a fully charged internal battery, will Secure the cable to the lex with the pre-installed strain relief cable clamp see section titled Vehicle Cradle Strain Relief Cable Clamp. Page Rmdir,dir Parameters dir: Lxr certificate installation warning text box is displayed: This warranty does not cover any HII product which is i improperly installed or used; IMPORTANT — Because the package file installation actually rewrites portions of the operating system, it is important that power is not interrupted during package file installation.

Maximum encryption is bit. Page 54 Page 55 – Chapter 5: If the desired network is displayed in the list, tap the network name. To install an Intermediate certificate: This is the System Idle state, there is no separate User Idle state. Vehicle Electrical System 2. The stylus attached to the handstrap is used to assist in entering data and configuration. Power Supply 57 Battery Hotswapping Important: Orange Key Sticky Key